I suppose I should start using Mastodon more again lol

see the trouble with mastodon is that most the people I know went back to Twitter and most likely wont come back, so I'm just like, yea lmao

@Roxy it's mainly just that there isn't a whole lot of content that isn't bot-generated

@Roxy I've been staying on both, but yeah, for a period I was largely ignoring this feed

@Roxy the only reason why i still use mastodon is because of the few people i know on here who use this and only this

and even then it's gotten fewer and fewer as they inexplicably move to instances that harbor racists and queerphobic people

i'm only here out of obligation at this point

@Roxy it's still not quite busy as on Twitter, but comparing Mastodon to Twitter is a bit unfair. It is an alternative, that makes it relevant on its own. They will come the next time Twitter makes a misstep, which is guaranteed to happen.

@crazyrems honestly what I dont like about mastodon is if I have a toot take off my notifications are wrecked forever because mastodon doesn't collapse them like twitter does lmao

@Roxy @crazyrems Really, that's a frontend problem. Different apps may fix that?
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