I never really know what to talk about on Mastodon. Anyone here use 6502 assembly?

@Roxy I have a book that briefly covers it as an example of a "Microcomputer Instruction Set", but I'm afraid I'm not practised in it. I've read a lot about Z80 assembly/machine code (and a bit on 6303 machine code) and I've done quite a bit of MS-DOS x86 assembly, but my experience of the 6502 is limited by not having access to a physical machine with it (though Beebem was always useful for emulation purposes).

@DHeadshot heck ye, yea I've been messing with assembly here and there on the NES. I don't have a flashcart but I do have Mesen and also a good friend who has actually released a game on NES and is now working on an SNES game. It's challenging but in a fun way

@Roxy I guess technically, I do have a 6502 system and a way to access it now that I've just bought a flashcart for Atari 2600 (for use with my 7800 - I think it'll work for 2600 games), but 2600 programming is basically the hardest 6502 stuff as you have no screenbuffer as such and have to spit everything out along the scanline (I'm not going to be able to do that).

@DHeadshot oh yea, I watched a video about "chasing the beam" on the 2600 and it's a marvel to me that anyone was able to get anything to show on that console lmao

@Roxy I've played some Atari 2600 homebrew games (emulated, as they tend to be NTSC-only) and while some (like Joust-Pong) might look simple, even those seem to have huge development-struggle behind them. Then there's that Sonic clone for Atari 2600 and Mind = blown! (Halo 2600 was the most fun of the pure-homebrew games I've tried though).
@Roxy On my desk right now (next to a PHP book) is "An introduction to Z80 Machine Code" by RA & JW Penfold - excellent book for Z80 coding.

@Roxy I'm sure some sceners on here do, but most likely more for the C64 and the likes

@Roxy I like the idea of it, though after decades I still haven't gotten far in learning programming at all. Main interest would be the Apple II line. I know emulators exist, but I feel I can't really proceed without some hardware and I don't have the room for it.

I do love Displaced Gamers Behind the Code series though, if that counts.

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