man, my growth has all but halted on Twitter and I think the algorithm is just working against me because I use such keywords as commission, patreon, and discord lmao come on guys I just want clout 

not that I really want it of course but it's like, I gotta have some kind of popularity to get people to support my patreon so I can have money to work on this game lmao

if I had someone just drop all the money I needed to do it or had some kind of publisher agreement I wouldn't chase clout at all and would just do my own thing because I do not wish to be Perceived

that, or maybe people there are just tired of seeing what I post? because I know I started posting about 6502 assembly, nes dev, and marcus' adventure and suddenly I got new followers and engagement so I'm like alright, maybe people just aren't interested in what I'm doing currently

so, yesterday I put a post about if I couldn't get any patrons and kept losing them like I have been I was gonna have to cancel the game and that sure got people on the patreon lmao

I guess the way to get people to support you financially is to be real about it

@dheadshot well, this has been an issue for a long time, which I bet will only further become a problem because of the super followers lmao

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