I've made further improvements to my RPG Stats generator! Now in addition to the stats it gave before, you also get a type, equipment, and a title! I also fixed some issues with the algorithm and improved the overall stat generation. Check it out! discord.gg/NdYQXJUwRd

And if you're curious: Yes, the equipment you have on DOES boost your stats! That's why it says Attack 85->115

it turns out in some circumstances you can actually get *above* the maximum amount of stars/orbs but I'm leaving it in, that's a high quality bug

Instead of fixing this, I made it so that if you do manage to get any stars/orbs above the maximum they're drawn in cyan so everyone knows that you've got beyond max stats

it's not a bug its a feature


here's the "feature" in action, though people have managed to get even more extra blue spheres and on more stats LOL it really just depends

Final improvements for now:
- I added a server emoji as a "Spirit"
- I put a Panel de Pon block as a badge
- I changed the stats so that instead of being partially based on your user ID it's partially based on your avatar, so nothing is fixed
- I fixed more algorithm errors

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