🌟 Shield Cat Demo is OUT!!!
Shield Cat is an Action Adventure Collectathon game where you spin your tail and go go go!



Here's the trailer!

This is the current Any% speedrun record holder. I wanted to share because they've been running the demo ever since I put it out and are doing amazing work (they're why I even put a leaderboard in the first place)

Blown away because I checked the steam statistics and almost 2000 people have installed the demo now!!! And the wishlists are now just shy of 400. I'm blown away and very humbled by these numbers and am excited to work on the game more

did I really say I was blown away twice LOL I guess that's how blown away I am

@Roxy exciting! I've only seen the occasional dev gif that gets boosted onto my timeline, but they've looked fun!

@Roxy Lemme know if you ever want me to showcase the game on stream. I think folks who watch me would be interested in it.

@RSBurr oh yea absolutely!! I fixed the bugs that could affect streaming so you're good to go

@Roxy seeing lance do a no thoughts head empty spin on the end screen is all i need in life

@DangerousTechnology LOL that actually was partially because I didnt have time to make a new sprite but also I just found it really funny

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