so here's the question: how can two separate games exist in the same game? what would be the entry point from one game to the other that would make sense in the game's world?

it's been suggested that maybe Marcus' Adventure is a minigame that Lance plays, and it can be a cool idea, but I want it to be a bit more intimate than that. I want Marcus' Adventure to feel more a part of Shield Cat and not just a fleeing minigame you play once

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basically I dont want it to be just like that one part of Celeste where you play the Pico 8 version and go "that's cool" and then never touch it again

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but yea this is coming about because I was using Gamemaker's configs to be able to work on the two games simultaneously and then release them separately, but the feature isn't that good, so I can either split them into two projects or join them into one game

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it came to me in a flash of inspiration. People have asked me about Lance's "sidekick" character - What if Marcus was Lance's sidekick character? Like Marcus lives in some digital device and you have to plug it into certain things to play an NES stage to advance

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@Roxy are... are you making a canon multi-game speedrun thing

@Roxy built-in speedrunner nonsense is the gaming feature of the future


Idea: Game is on a handheld console that Lance carries around

During the game, there are moments when lance is going to Have To Wait A While

maybe story related elements like "Friend You Need To fight is in a meeting and will be with you in x amount of time", "Waiting for bridge to be constructed", etc. Something that requires lance to need something to do while passing time in their world

@toydragon @Roxy as cool as that sounds, it'd be hell for speedruns

@snailerotica @Roxy not really, it's just a different level wtih different physics to speed thru

@snailerotica @Roxy yeah, just "Time Passes" as a storyline element as a reason to include More Cool Stuff

@Roxy maybe some kind of dark world concept where things in one game affect the other?

like, lance calls for help and then marcus fixing the windmill in marcus world fixes the windmill in lance world

@snailerotica @Roxy I was thinking something like that but time travel, well not really travel but switching between time periods, not unlike Maniac Mansion 2

@Roxy you mean like Dust 514, Eve online's shooter that tied in to the MMO?

Or like asymetric games where different players have vastly different experiences?

@Roxy perhaps Marcus is a storybook or historical figure, so Lance could encounter an obstacle, then exposit a story about how Marcus dealt with a similar problem; or just meeting NPCs and swapping stories

or Marcus encountering or accomplishing something and wondering what might happen to it in the future, framing a Lance level

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