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๐ŸŒŸ Shield Cat Demo is OUT!!!
Shield Cat is an Action Adventure Collectathon game where you spin your tail and go go go!



Here's the trailer!

[poll] Which pic do you like better?

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Alright, the commissions are closed now. Thank you!

just played through the latest shield cat demo on steam and it was very good!

incredible to see how far roxy has come with the game since the first demo

everything feels very polished and the sounds and actions are very stimmy. can't wait for more tbh

try it out here:

I might also consider a telegram thing but idk if anyone even uses telegram anymore lmao

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I'm only gonna offer a few slots so I don't get overwhelmed and also because the plan is that I'll be able to open a lot more frequently and people will get more of a chance to get them

also in my chatroom we talk about all kinds of stuff and everyone's nice, it's a cool place

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within the next couple days I'll be opening for commissions. If you wanna get notified immediately when I open, head to my hot discord chat and react to this status - it's the one I mention when the commissions open

"how are you good at drawing chubby soft girls" I draw what I am

I announce commission slots first in my own discord, so if you want the first chance at them, please come on in! You can head to the "assign-roles" channel to get the role I tag when I open commissions

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Working on my avatar commissions today. If you have one, feel free to stop by!

still looking for people to be on my patreon, maybe one day I'll get 100 patrons and be ultra rich

"how much is the commercial price of the artwork?" how much did you make off that NFT? hope it had 4 figures on it lmao

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