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Time for my formal introduction :O

My name is Jessica, but everyone calls me Roxy (from my middle name Roxanne.) I am a solo game developer working on Shield Cat. I draw, create music, program, and more! My fursona (see attached) is a rabbit/fox hybrid hehe

I like to shitpost and make jokes and try to keep my posts mostly positive. I draw NSFW artwork sometimes, and any nsfw or negative posts will of course be cw'd. I mainly just try to post stuff that'll make people happy or at least chuckle hehe

Thank you for having me here!!

Vulpine Club has a bot that boosts the most popular toots? Good thing I don't post that much on Mastodon then it's just be my timeline a second time

Ms. von Karma just said she was gonna whip Phoenix Wright into shape... It really is Legally Blonde

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Phoenix Wright but it's a musical like Legally Blonde

Thinking on it and this is probably why I don't post on Mastodon as much anymore, because on top of all that you also gotta deal with "Yea that's great but they're on a bad instance/using a bad client to toot" and then you become guilty by association when the other person may not even know that they're using a bad client/instance

It's like if I'm gonna have to deal with all this anyways might as well keep it on twitter where it's less convoluted to talk to people

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It sucks how online culture has me to the point where I can't really talk freely about anything because of the fear of accidentally saying the wrong thing and getting canceled, so I have to consider what I say literally every hour of the day so people don't just screenshot it and run away with it

There's also the whole aspect of like, oh gotta make sure this post isn't from a bad account before I like or share it, or else people will come after me for associating with the wrong kind of people when really it's just me going "cute bunny" and reposting it to my own timeline

I can understand people want to look out for bad actors and everything but it just feels like a lot of innocent people get caught up in it. And no, this is not exclusively a problem on twitter

So they can put 4G on the moon but they can't get me internet that can handle 1080p video, alright

Gotta draw some nsfw art sometime. You guys like nsfw and are 18+ right?

You know what they say about big hips....................

Portal (game) trivia. cw: "enhanced interrogation". 

The iconic companion cube was inspired by what writer Erik Wolpaw called a "declassified government interrogation thing". This turns out to be the CIA's 1963 "KUBARK" interrogation manual, which was declassified in 2004 in the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal.

Here's part of the Portal script side by side with the relevant section from the manual, highlighting the identical parts. Makes the whole thing less funny and more just plain dark.


everyone running away from snouts: I'll just go back on Twitter

Twitter rn: lmao you can't post, you can't reply, all you can do is see

Been working on the UI all afternoon and here's what I got

the general idea is that the bottom left with the LANCE letters and fish scales slides up whenever you get one, and then slides back down (the pretty petals are always displayed)

Stepping into the next area and the difference is mind boggling

we don't need 3D grass and trees anymore I think

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I've done more work on this this morning, here's how it's looking now

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"you have new notifications"
*they're notifications I've seen*
Alright then lmao

Working on a new style for Shield Cat that's more authentic to the SNES. Here's the comparison (it's still a wip though)

I miss toaster strudels but you kinda gotta have a toaster lmao

I wish I was more connected with the earth and the stars

Don't worry I'm just making Shield Cat 2.0 where it's not full of clown code from me not knowing anything about what I'm doing

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If you didn't hear I erased shield cat. Goodbye Lance

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