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­čîč Shield Cat Demo is OUT!!!
Shield Cat is an Action Adventure Collectathon game where you spin your tail and go go go!



Here's the trailer!

Commissions are closed now! But if you were like "darn I really wanted to give you money" I still have some offers up for grabs on Patreon (just keep in mind that I charge up front, so you'll be charged now and also on July 1st!!)

The commissions form is back open, but it wont be for long. Please check it out!

"what could even be so cool about your chat?" come on in and find out

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Cuddle time! (Commissioned work)

I think this one came out really cute uwu

oh yea, I wanna mention that my "no fanart" rule is mainly in place because I dont want to draw art for some faceless corporation who will come after me with lawyers for taking money to draw their character, but if its like for an indie game where I know the dev its cool lmao

Cuddle time! (Commissioned work)

I think this one came out really cute uwu

you want it? its yours my friend, as long as you have enough rubies

commission form is still open but I'm getting off the PC for now. In the unlikely event that a million people from europe flood my form I'll have to turn down a few people lmao but yea if you fill out my form and dont hear from me its just that its me time and I'll say hi later

Commissions are now closed (because tomorrow is my off day) so please keep an eye out for them next week. Thank you!

streaming some backgrounds if you like watching people draw backgrounds

"when are you gonna stop promoting this server" when I get 500 members and get partnership so get in there already

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also I was watching tv and I came back and had 3 @'s in my chatroom in 3 different channels so I guess you can say I'm pretty popular around there (you should join )

fun fact: at the end of this drawing when it was done I quickly changed the background character on the right to be a girl and I think I ramped up the quality of the pic with that

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You go to a fancy restaurant and this lady offers you water wyd

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