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Time for my formal introduction :O

My name is Jessica, but everyone calls me Roxy (from my middle name Roxanne.) I am a solo game developer working on Shield Cat. I draw, create music, program, and more! My fursona (see attached) is a rabbit/fox hybrid hehe

I like to shitpost and make jokes and try to keep my posts mostly positive. I draw NSFW artwork sometimes, and any nsfw or negative posts will of course be cw'd. I mainly just try to post stuff that'll make people happy or at least chuckle hehe

Thank you for having me here!!

Forgot to post it here but I was streaming a bit and I'm gonna stream more in a bit. Doing SAGE demos today, stop on by if you're interested!!! (I'm making food right now though so give me 20 minutes)

Oh yea sorry Mastodon, I picked the games and we're playing RiME, Demon's Crest, The Secret of Monkey Island, and for bi-monthly it's Final Fantasy XII. Stop on by!

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Got a hefty amount of games on the lists now so we should be good for a while hehe

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Starting a thing on my Discord server where we choose a selection of 3 games a month and 1 game bi-monthly and talk about them. Feel free to join if you're into that sort of thing!

@kat Do you remember who all was into the Disk Sleeve Club? I'm starting it up again on my server for realsies and kinda need some help for the vintage game portion

I liked the warmup doodle I did so I threw color on it real quick

Here's a new Shield Cat character I created called Julie! She works as an apprentice engineer with Parker on the trains, and serves as the boss of the forest area (first stage of the game)

Not really posting on Mastodon anymore, but you can always join my server. I changed it to be more community focused, so you don't have to feel like it's just everyone talking about Shield Cat all the time (because its not that at all lmao)

fun fact I originally said discord instead of mastodon because I'm dense lmao

bad joke 

@Roxy really hate it when i'm cancelled because i'm taking too long to install

weird being popufur on twitter cuz you never know when you're gonna wake up one day and discover you've been cancelled

anyways if you wanna hang out with me since I'm not really using Mastodon anymore, I've been hanging out on discord more

idk I guess I was just put off by everything that happened. Being on a different instance doesn't really help with being put off by the fediverse as a whole, even if this instance is rather nice

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Sorry I pretty much stopped posting on Mastodon lmao

I wanted to stay around on Mastodon for the duration of SAGE but I don't really see myself posting to the fediverse much anymore. My view of it has just been ultra sullied and I don't really want anything to do with it

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