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If I ever say something in your replies thats out of your comfort zone, please dont hesitate to tell me that you arent comfortable with it.

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If I ever fuck up and dont do a CW please call me the fuck out

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Reminder that I do NOT follow back people without pronouns in their bio, subtooting all my followers that don't have them

instance move notice 

If you havent already noticed because I sent a follow, I'm moving instances! Go follow me at

instance move notice 

If you havent already noticed because I sent a follow, I'm moving instances! Go follow me at

how does one migrate instances? cos theres an instance i wanna join and i dont know how mastodon works

What if Link's body had Samus's head? 

It'd look something... like this!

CW Meta (+) 

Can I just say how thankful I am that content warnings exist? They literally changed my life.

There was a point in time when I would be having at least two anxiety attacks of varying severity at least twice a day.

It was a novel concept to me that I could choose what I wanted to deal with and not have to submit myself to a barrage for the sake of being "strong". I would feel "broken" after I intentionally took on too much.

I'm able to deal a lot better because of learning from this

food (-) 

god i really need to eat food but I dont want to

Admin Announcement; child porn 

I have suspended for the propogation of child porn and loli. That's one hundo percent a violation of our Code of Conduct and merits a suspend-on-sight.

Cryptids and my fellow admins are always welcome to come to me with block recommendations in line with our Code of Conduct and basic humanoid/sentient decency. Onwards!

talk about unspecified bad people 

Why are there so many bad people in the world. Even in these sorts of online circles where people should be good, theres still bad. I hate it.

Yeah, I'm LGBT (lewd variant): 

Because I'm

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Yeah, I'm LGBT: 

Because I'm

Me, watching people latch onto vaguely-implied or coded queerness in fiction for lack of anything better:

lewd, breeding 

someone fill me and give me your cubs

a smol paw peeks from under a blanket. click to boop the paw 

*hides paw under blanket*

@QueerGirlAudrey @backwardsflow From what I can tell it started because the person who invented the theory did so after using spoons as a visual aid explaining it to a friend.

I like the power behind the metaphor because it's one that was also invented within the disabled community.

Ofc if you don't wanna use it yourself you don't have to, but when I learned about it, it really helped me understand myself better.

why is spoons the metaphor that people use? Just say energy, that seems way more accurate and intuitive than randomly talking about silverware

One last job hunt complaint for the day, mental health 

Every time I fill out one of those questionnaires for a low-level retail position, it strikes me how much they are looking for someone without issues with depression or any other neurodivergence.

It feels like every question about productivity, motivation, or focus would require either lying or just looking like a terrible employee due to depression, despite that being absolutely not the case.

And it feels like every question about customer interaction requires the same, due to maladaptation toward socializing.

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