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If I ever say something in your replies thats out of your comfort zone, please dont hesitate to tell me that you arent comfortable with it.

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If I ever fuck up and dont do a CW please call me the fuck out

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Reminder that I do NOT follow back people without pronouns in their bio, subtooting all my followers that don't have them

instance move notice 

instance move notice 

how does one migrate instances? cos theres an instance i wanna join and i dont know how mastodon works

What if Link's body had Samus's head? 

CW Meta (+) 

food (-) 

Admin Announcement; child porn 

talk about unspecified bad people 

Yeah, I'm LGBT (lewd variant): 

Yeah, I'm LGBT: 

Me, watching people latch onto vaguely-implied or coded queerness in fiction for lack of anything better:

@SallyStrange Accelerationism is everything-ist bullshit. Guess who it always hurts worst: able-bodied cishet white dudes or everyone else?

lewd, breeding 

a smol paw peeks from under a blanket. click to boop the paw 

@QueerGirlAudrey @backwardsflow From what I can tell it started because the person who invented the theory did so after using spoons as a visual aid explaining it to a friend.

I like the power behind the metaphor because it's one that was also invented within the disabled community.

Ofc if you don't wanna use it yourself you don't have to, but when I learned about it, it really helped me understand myself better.

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