complaints about a certain aspect of current tumblr queer culture 

this wave of "reposting terms is theft" is very, very annoying.

1. while I guess pride flags count as art (even though imo people should always make them public domain so they can be used anywhere more easily), words can only be trademarked, so identity terms are not really protected and using them without credit doesn't count as theft

2. I understand it may be annoying if someone makes an uncredited separate post in the same social media instead of sharing an existing one about a certain term, but it's absurd to expect credit every time a word is used or defined if it's meant to be someone's identity

3. while more complete archives may want to credit whoever coined a specific term, it's useless to rely on frequently changed tumblr/twitter URLs as sources

4. identity words should be above whoever has coined them, especially if they are popular. I have no idea if whoever coined lichtgender or demisexual or aroflux agree with all my political opinions, but I'd rather not have to change terms/accommodate new terms every time something bad is revealed about whoever coined those words.

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happy pride month to everyone who isn't out yet. it's good to have you here. :heart_eyes_cat_lesb: :nonbinary_flag: :agender_flag:

Looking for feel good explicitly queer short stories and movies recomendations, boosts encouraged 

Does anybody have any recommendations for explicitly queer (i.e. not queerbatey or like we have to read into it) feel good short stories or movies?

Especially in the urban fantasy or sci-fi (especially space) genres would be good if possible :)

tumblr link, juxera and proxvir symbols 

It's not something I can decide for proxvirs or juxeras at all, but these are the best juxera and proxvir symbols I've seen yet, in my opinion:

Relevant to any furry in the queer community who use apps like Grindr, this is a must read. Grindr sells your data to whoever which can mean you'll be outed to your employer or potentially the government. Bad outcomes if either is hostile to queer community or just hate harassment from strangers.

the push to re-instate Queer as a slur is TERF agenda because its easier for them to figure out who the "wrong" sorts are by neat little labels. Queer is too inclusive and too covert and they HATE it.

so using Queer is a real schrodinger problem. you're either the right or wrong type but they can't know which until they look in the box and it drives them up the wall.

good. die mad about it. i'll die queer.

orientation self hate 

I don't think it's necessarily wrong for someone to dislike how their own orientation works, wish it could be changed or try to figure out why or how that orientation works.

However, I just read an article about a specific acespec orientation that feels very disrespectful about it. I mean, not a single positive story is mentioned, and nothing is mentioned about how to cope with not being able to fit into traditional relationship molds.

It's one thing to present the possibility of people disliking their orientation, it's another to basically act like the whole thing is abnormal/wrong/a tragedy. This only leads to hate, both from outsiders who believe it's easier to change an orientation than queer people think and from people with that orientation or similar orientations themselves.

Usually, the Tumblr accounts of people who coined gender identities around 2014 are not around anymore in ways it's impossible to track their current account. That is, if they even have one.

But sometimes... there is a way to get the current URL, or the original blog is active, and yet, there's no information on their blogs about the terms they coined. Even though the blogs were active at the time and are credited by archive blogs.

I wonder if it's about not caring about the identities they coined, or just about avoiding hate?

Intro (ENG) 

Vila Liberdade is a #queer house project located in a village in Galiza (north-west Iberian Peninsule).

We intend to provide a safe space for queer travellers and locals to retreat, enjoy rural life and create art.

The project is still in development, the house is inhabited and the art work spaces are partly usable, but more improvements are due in the next months.

Every queer person is welcomed, this is a safe space for people of any gender or orientation (including every non binary gender, a-spec, pan people, etc) and sex workers.

Both permanent inhabitants and our closer local network are queer white people of diverse genders/orientations/abilities/neurostatus.

We acknowledge our privileges and encourage all queer comrades, specially racialised comrades, to call us in/out whenever we are doing anything oppressive or being ignorant/unaware in any way of how our privileges affect you.


change your pronouns, change your name, be outrageously queer (in a way that makes your younger self smile), buy that nail varnish, wear that skirt, get that tie, talk to that cat, do that time warp again

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I'm not saying any of these words are irrelevant, not at all! I just find it interesting how something that's meant to be in a complete another plane outside of the binary ends up being used as a way to find solidarity in rejecting the binary.

Dunno if that made sense, I just thought I would put my thoughts here since little is said about specific aspects of enbyness at all.

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And now that I think about it, xenic, transxenine and xenine tend to be more like "reaction" identifiers than "spontaneous" ones, maybe? 

I think this is clearer with regards to xenic: someone whose gender alignment is a xenogender probably wants to differentiate themselves from people with binary alignments, and possibly others, in a way that wouldn't exist if gender alignment didn't become its own concept in the first place.

If a lunarian/woman-aligned person is saying they are somewhat comparable to a woman politically, socially or in another kind of experience, a xenic/xenogender-aligned person is either saying "I'm xenogender, and that's relevant beyond just an identity label" or (hypothetically) "I'm not/don't see myself as xenogender, but if I'm going to socially/politically align myself with a gender identity that's where my people are", right?

And I think that's because most would see a social alignment with femaleness, maleness, or a vague othered space (that may be in between, without gender or aporagenderlike, depending on who's being asked) as default, regardless of what is a nonbinary person's actual gender identity.

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adjacent to transmedicalist and queer revisionist discourse 

For instance: transxenine. I can see how people who are binary, genderless, gender neutral, etc. may want xenine characteristics or align themselves with those characteristics for being nonhuman and/or gender non-conforming in ways it makes sense for them to call themselves transxenine.

But, just like how people don't want to acknowledge those who are/say they are transmasculine women or transfeminine men, especially since nowadays there's a lot of queer discourse that wants to define clear boundaries between who has the right to use which words, I'm not sure if there are people who aren't xenogender comfortable using a word such as transxenine.

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So, anyways... I was wondering if there are people who identify as transxenine, xenine or xenic without being xenogender?

I mean, I do think it's possible, I just wonder if there are people who know about and want to align with xenogender people/characteristics who aren't xenogender themselves. >_>

So hey, my queer alt is moving from @Stardust to @QueerComet, if anyone's interested!

( is closing. :/)

I do plan on migrating followed accounts from my account to here, but it isn't recognizing this account at the moment, so idk :/

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