Idea regarding deadnames:

If someone gives you grief, bet them that they don't really believe in the whole 'must go by birth name' thing.

Then ask them who sang 'Crocodile Rock' or 'Tiny Dancer'.

Smart opinion cleverly written oh dear it's not as clever as I thought what am I doing delete toot

Aaand now I'm getting more crashes in the game than I would if I were playing Forza.

So, with Animal Crossing New Horizons out and popular in the 'verse ... I'm running around in the Mojave hoping to one day get my hands on a noncrap rifle.

Yay ...

So ... replaying Fallout New Vegas again. Bang bang ...

I thought foxes usually paired with skunks, myself..

..riiight, weather. We really do need MORE rain in the upper Mississippi Valley.

Welp. That was quick.

1. Forty-three. I've been adding glasses to my avatars as I go.

The proletariat seizing control of Hollywood?

So, instead of working on writing projects like I should, I'm instead watching auto racing crash videos and/or RiffTrax.

Does it mean anything that about every video game avatar of myself I've made lately, when available, has had a scar across her eye? Or am I just weird?

So, trying to cheer up/put off an urge to binge on McDonald's cheeseburgers by watching the Hitchhikers' Guide movie.

Snow on the ground. Hibernation time, perhaps.

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