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An awkward, shy wolf, but also a powerful psychic (apparently)

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Hello there~ I've actually been on mastodon for a while, but I figured I would just make an intro post here after migrating.

Anyway, I'm a 25 year old (almost 26 at the time of this post) introverted, neurodivergent furry trying to get myself to be more interactive. I can either go by Gray, my fursona's name, or Oshie (pronounced "aw-she"), an oshawott themed nickname my close friends call me. I can be a bit awkward and prrrretty shy, but I'm hoping I can overcome that in time ^^"

I like video games, browsing furry art, watching random youtube videos, and programming. I haven't done much programming lately, but I'm hoping I'll eventually get myself back into it ^^"

Got some more things to say, but they kinda need CW's, so I'll post them in replies below ^^"

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introduction, plurality 

I have a plurality system. It's just the two of us, me and my head mate. Whenever you see words in brackets [], that's my head mate speaking. I'll let her introduce herself below~

[Hi everyone~ Name's Mint "Snivy" Leaf, Oshie's headmate~ I go by she/her pronouns and share Oshie's orientation. Don't have a lot to say at this time, but I'm pretty much equivalent to a video game co-protagonist (like Fidget from that Dust game) ^^" I help keep Oshie company and point out things for him here and there. I'm a shape-shifter, but my 2 main forms are a snivy, that cute grass snake Pokemon, and a raccoon who happens to look like Maypul from Rivals of Aether ^^"]

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introduction, kink talk (a.k.a. fun "buttons" to press) 

There are...some things I have a thing for. I apparently get turned on by belly color, the way the color of the fur, scales, or feathers on the belly are different than the rest of the body. A good example I like to reference is the Pokémon Rattata, the way it has a cream-colored underbelly in contrast to its purple fur. Not a necessity, but I often like to combine this with soft vore. I go into detail about it in my pinned intros from my alias account @ChocolateOshawott. That account is where I'll occasionally make vore posts. I may occasionally boost a post or two from there, but of course they will have CW's. Yeah, I'm a weirdo xD

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Final Fantasy XIV: Queuewalker

furry tummy 

Super Lucky's Floofy White Tummy


Welp, sounds like Endwalker is now out in early access. Meanwhile I still gotta finish Shadowbringers xD


I don't wanna beg anymore, but we're still broke. I don't even know how I'm gonna get my nieces and nephews a basic Christmas. I don't think they're gonna understand "Christmas is a fake Capitalist holiday so I'm not giving you anything" to be honest. I really do want to get them something.

My name change is pending at Social Security (doing it by mail, the only way right now), which means applying for work is difficult right now (things might not line up when they check my SSN). All we have is someone here working a crap hardware store job.

Any little bit will help. I really am doing the best I can. I'm just stuck.

CashApp: $plausocks (partner)

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i don't like making these kinds of posts so i'll keep it brief

my patreon is at an all-time low, even when i launched it i wasn't making this low amount of money

i'm only making like... $60 this month, which isn't much considering everything.

so, please if you can, support my patreon?

you can also throw me some money on ko-fi if you'd like instead, i'd really appreciate it.

Hey folks, I could use a bit of help again. Rent's due, and I've only got about half of what I need.

If anyone out there can spare a bit of dosh to help me out, it would be super appreciated. #pleasehelp #TransCrowdFund

Cash App:$silpony

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Raccoon tummy...

[*smirks and poses with her paws on her hips, showing off her cream-colored tummy fur~*] >//>

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[Hmm..raccoon cuddles 🦝​]

affection thought 

Cuddly thoughts are always nice~

implied furry tummy, image link 

Let's lighten the mood a little with a good ol' mouse friend being a show-off

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