video, eye contact 

I'm gay and also hi this is me in real time

birdsite crosspost, birdsite meme, tmnt meme, otters 


feral, art, nude, self 

this is the ideal body
you may not like it
but this is what peak performance looks like

lewd, embodied photo, obscured genitals 

"But what's in your pants?"

lyricposting, The Midnight - Deep Blue 

Tell me this song doesn't also make a fucking spot on trans narrative if you think about singing to another part of yourself
I mean~

lewd, self care, photo (obscured bits) 

Rode that knot the other day so hard i put myself out of commission for today
But damn does a good bubble bath and kelp feel sublime ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

lewd, rl photo, rump-posting 

Reminder that i literally just casually have a donut butt

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