Toyhood, Transition 

Gosh, i’ve been wearing this metal collar for like a week now and it continues to feel amazing and a constant reminder of how much i’ve fought to be who i am. How much i’ve changed and grown to be a Toy.

I’m proud of myself

Queerness, Species identity, Transition (birdsite copypaste) 

It's a funny thought in my mind that i essentially fought this long to be -less- a person, but deeper down it's not about that. it's about transitioning into who I want to be, with the largest part of that being internal. Things that few others see, but means all the world.
It's a healing process where we break down the values, priorities, limitations, and other things that were pushed on us since birth that for various reasons don't work for us.
It's about how others close to us view us, but also how we see ourselves, and it takes time to change.
s'why I view nonhuman identity as quite a queer thing, at the very least it is -for me-. At the heart of it, we're all trying to be a version of Us that is happier, and more peaceful inside and out.
Too often we are taught that the answer is to ignore the words inside of you.
Maybe the future I want is a world where transition transcends queerness itself. A world where we begin to see, acknowledge, and respect the IMPORTANCE of that personal journey within every other living person that walks this planet.
We are worthy of healing.

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re: Queerness, Species identity, Transition (birdsite copypaste) 

Some of us need to walk a block
Some of us need to sail the seven seas and climb mountains
but we should ALL have ample provisions to see it through.

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