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silly, tailposting 

*soft synthetic voice* This is your periodic reminder that you can swish your tail.
Yes, you; and right now!

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when things are stressful, it's okay to be a silly animal for a while or forever.

"My head is filled with animals basically all the time" me, telling truths



Prance dancin’ and swishing my tail ’cuz it’s just fun being a critter

Sorkin-esque prance and talk, sillyposting 

“So you’re an animal?”
“Then what’s with all the glowy bits?”
Oh, i didn’t say i was ~organic~.
“Okay, wait, so you have top of the line Neptunian tech..”
“And you use it all to be a, and i quote, ‘no thoughts animal’ “
Haha yeah, it’s cool
“You don’t see anything funny about that?”
I don’t know, what else would we use the tech for?

wordle :dragncool:​ 

Wordle 206 3/6


"what would a non quadrupedal taur even look like" i gotchu covered

re: Summer Camp Island (thematic spoilers) 

There are no jokes,
it's just this kid that doesn't really grasp that he is magical wandering through dreams and death metaphors to read a poem to his crush holy shit

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Summer Camp Island 

That episode smacked me so hard that I need to watch it again n.n

just pawpad topics, Covid-related 

‘Which of The Lion Guard would be antivax’

re: Summer Camp Island, inconsequential spoilers 

aaaaand it's about inherting unsavory things from your ancestors and breaking the process of passing it down.

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