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Hey, I appreciate you all a lot. I'm glad I'm here, and I'm glad you're here.

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Hey a reminder that I under no circumstances want anyone underage following or interacting with this account. I don't care if I'm accidentally already following you. I do not want any connection to anyone underage on this account that is often very adult.
I can not stress how not fucking around I am when I say I am serious about this. This gets people jailed and I will not tolerate being put in or anyone i care about being in that threatening a positioning.

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Polycule/Family info 

let the days grow longer.
let the sunlight in
let us dance with each other
in the warmth again.

let our joy be a defiance
dancing proud in celebration
Sol's fire upon muzzle
and (in)human heart

lewd, tail 

Lewd? Gross? Either way, it's cursed 


re: lewd, preg/breeding, singsong 

lewd, preg/breeding, singsong 

you know I -did- recently record my squeaks because I was really bashfully proud and wanted to share my progress with you all like the gay otter trans i am

maybe i'm going to make it a point to be more quirky. be floatier. be soft on this world. Let myself do and be as i will

a lot of times i pretend to be neurotypical even now and it sucks. it's just a learned behavior. I have to consciously relax, ease up, and allow myself to be bumbly and awkward and quirky

Unteaching myself just defaulting to A Neurotypical Human mode is tough

lewd, dragons 

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