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Basically if we could turn into our fursonas tomorrow I would be entirely 1000% for making that shit free and accessible to literally anyone who wants to period because figuring out I was otherkin/nonhuman and nonbinary changed my LIFE

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Hellooo, ~

My name is Vloelei Saleizhu. I'm not a fox, per-say, but a former foxthing for over a decade! I'm a Neptunian Otter from a planet called Halcyon~ so I'm an alien!
I'm a creative, passionate neo-hippie being that mainly dabbles in writing and music production/mixing. I also like writing, nature, neo-pagan spirituality, gushing about tails, kinks, and other very queer out there stuff. I'm a neurodiverse ball of relentless positivity and love! Also I'm a synthetic toy!

Goodnight beautiful animals. May you dream of warm delights.

Honestly I love not being human. I also sometimes love the duality of having this body -and- being something else.

Good news for everyone newer following me for my Otherkin/Nonhuman posts because I don't shut up about it

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Hey, today I'm reading some of my older works, be they freeform short pieces or what. I kinda wanted to share some of them in a thread with some commentary, both for others and for self-reflection.

Today is a good day for a good cup of smoked vanilla earl grey

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