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(Please DM an introduction if you want your friend request approved.)

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Polycule/Family info

Akkeresu: @catoxis
Emanate: @emanate
Sariya: @tastymochafox
Katt: @starkatt
Indi: @indi
Elluim: @neonNeptunian
Heffboom: @Heffboom_Konijn
Grace: @minimink

Thaminga: @Thaminga
Kyresti: @Kyresti

you are such wonderful animals n' otherfolk (and humans!)

@IceWolf nah the idea that you can give reasons is a fake-ass cultural expectation that comes from either people trying to rationalize their emotions or hoping to assuage insecurities.

lewd kinda, breeder life 

being reminded that i am made to be round with life πŸ’™ ♠️ πŸ’™

finding out i havn't watched the two latest monster factories yet is like finding a 20 in my pocket

re: self, critterstuff 

(you're allowed to enjoy this world you live in now and let nobody tell you you can't)

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self, critterstuff 

I get to be the other side of this weird urban fantasy irl thing that is 'figuring out you're otherkin/therian/nonhuman' and just can we take a moment to just
hell yeah

Coyote Facts 

Coyotes have long muzzles for more kissing surface area

re: personal, selfstory, progress 

come on, Vloelei, look at it this way...
... do you want to just kinda... be an emissary of another world?
or do you want to Do it?

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re: personal, selfstory 

(yes i may have 180'd on the whole x-to-human concept a bit)

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personal, selfstory 

βœ–οΈβ€‹: I am an animal stuck in a human body
βœ”οΈβ€‹: i am an animal who chose to become human [to help]

deeef gonna be working on more of my art/music moving forward, n.n


being a mom to cute critter cubs is good
I have mom energy too. am a mom, even though I'm NB/fluid.
and now i wanna go pamper my kiddo soon

spirituality, protection 

I've been doing... considerably more work this week. daily work. I'm doing other stuff to help too, but I will use all the means i have at my disposal to protect those i love.
I don't like to talk about my actual practice, but for some reason i just... want those who do take solace in such things to know that.

Moneybegging for Groceries :boost_ok:​ 

I need $60 if I want to be able to get more food for the coming week. I am running low on food right now, and I order my food via Aldi on Instacart, and it costs me $60/week to get groceries delivered to the Inn I am staying at.

Please help me out:

Cash App:$NatsumiKitty



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