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Basically if we could turn into our fursonas tomorrow I would be entirely 1000% for making that shit free and accessible to literally anyone who wants to period because figuring out I was otherkin/nonhuman and nonbinary changed my LIFE

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Hellooo, ~

My name is Vloelei Saleizhu. I'm not a fox, per-say, but a former foxthing for over a decade! I'm a Neptunian Otter from a planet called Halcyon~ so I'm an alien!
I'm a creative, passionate neo-hippie being that mainly dabbles in writing and music production/mixing. I also like writing, nature, neo-pagan spirituality, gushing about tails, kinks, and other very queer out there stuff. I'm a neurodiverse ball of relentless positivity and love! Also I'm a synthetic toy!

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Begonias are forest floor plants and some are highly specialised for low light conditions. In the darkest places, they have metallic blue leaves.

The colour comes from iridoplasts – a special type of chloroplast for capturing as much light as possible. They work by having many tiny surfaces which absorb light. An accidental side effect is that any light that reflects back gives the leaves an iridescent blue sheen.

A similar reflection effect causes the blue colour in Morpho butterfly wings.

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i wrote a small post about why people in otherkin and therian circles don't talk about shifting any more. i'm sharing it here specifically because i'm aware that my perspective is limited to tumblr and adjacent communities and i want to hear people's thoughts on whether that holds true in other spaces and why not if not!
take a look?

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I was shitposting I didn't know I'd actually nail it there

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