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when things are stressful, it's okay to be a silly animal for a while or forever.

re: Music is Colors (Chromesthesia) 

But the thing is I absolutely get visuals to music to where if i'm not.. listening to the music or stop listening, it is noticeably harder to grasp what i'm seeing.

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Music is Colors (Chromesthesia) 

So a while back I posted this track ( commenting more or less about their being these "deep bassy clacks" [headphones] that almost create these sonar-ish, bluegreen spikes"
I got a number of folks that replied "Oh, you have synesthesia?" and honestly my reaction was mostly... I don't know? I've never shared the very innately visual side of my music-listening before but the more i do the more it sounds like I do have a sort of Chromesthesia

earlier today I was listening to The Chemical Brothers - Saturate ( and was like "yeah, I really like this track because it starts with this very earthy, wet muck, but sounds like volcanic bursts of color struggling (and succeeding) to break free"

And yeah, I am starting to think that this reaction to music isn't typical :P

TAZ:Balance relisten 

gods the umbrella
I don't think, if i recall, griffin knew much about where he was going with everything then but it's clear there is something going on with that thing from the start :P

NSFW; hyper, breast/ball/dong growth 

More of Reno just giving up at being dressed decently

TAZ:Ethersea shitposting 

Amber Gris AKA Amos (The Expanse)
Devo la Main AKA Alex (Also The Expanse) but french
Zoox AKA Clint McElroy with a existential crisis

re: Personal 

Anyway, I'm not sure where all this came from, but... I feel good.

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I hope that when I talk about it, it is assumed that My Experience With Neptunian* Is Not Others', nor should it be taken on any level that Neptunian must contain these things.
Though I think that is understood by those close to me, I can see such a thing getting lost in translation a lot.

tail, size kinks 

thinking about lounging on/in a tail the size of a medium-sized building

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