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when things are stressful, it's okay to be a silly animal for a while or forever.

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(Please DM an introduction if you want your friend request approved.)

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Polycule/Family info

Akkeresu: @catoxis
Emanate: @emanate
Sariya: @tastymochafox
Katt: @starkatt
Indi: @indi
Elluim: @neonNeptunian
Heffboom: @Heffboom_Konijn
Grace: @minimink

Thaminga: @Thaminga
Kyresti: @Kyresti

when u hear vaporwave playing out the window but can’t quite place where it’s coming from

selfy, eye contact, nonhuman aesthetics 

For when I'm not feeling subtle

selfy, eye contact, nonhuman aesthetics 

For when I'm not feeling subtle

silver-lining, trauma-related 

the good part is i havn't had to do this in a long time

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Hades (game) mini-review: you can pet the dog, 10/10.

re: gaming, dark, trauma-related, shitposty 

(I hope you never see how good i actually am at lying)

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gaming, dark, trauma-related, shitposty 

competitive S-rank Among Us play is just a bunch of queer folks with cPTSD

I love you all πŸ’™ here if you need, but i love you all regardless if you particularly need it right now


*prances around Aithne goin' "fox fox fox fox fox"_*

To deny the humanity of the fascist is, I think, to absolve them, in a way, of their worst evils. It reduces them to a Tolkien-like race of inherently malicious monsters, whose actions are the result of some political determinism. But that’s not the reality. And, moreover, the fact that the fascist *is* human β€” like you, or me, or the people they persecute β€” makes their decision to live, act, and think the way they do even more heinous.

Queer survival tips, US culture, twitter link

A list of tips to heed, if we were to be forced underground again (which is entirely possible under a fascist regime)

"Casualty" is a word that can cause a lot of confusion. In common use it's often understood as "someone who was killed".

In conflict doctrine, it means anyone who has been killed or incapacitated such that they are no longer capable of participating in the conflict.

So, context is really important to understanding what is meant!

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