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yeah i'm not, like, a girl or a boy. i'm an otter.

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as a soft general note: if something i post is able to be retweeted: you can retweet it unless i specifically put :boost_declined:​ or the like

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Hey a reminder that I under no circumstances want anyone underage following or interacting with this account. I don't care if I'm accidentally already following you. I do not want any connection to anyone underage on this account that is often very adult.
I can not stress how not fucking around I am when I say I am serious about this. This gets people jailed and I will not tolerate being put in or anyone i care about being in that threatening a positioning.

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Polycule/Family info 

re: mh (-) 

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mh, loneliness (-) 

apparently it was Treat Each Other Like Shit day and i wasn't told

personal, no-one here 

I've been feeling like [some] see me as intimidating and that.... Isn't a great feeling

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I'm not the leader of postfurry
Please don't ever treat me like it

soft existential animal musings 

his dark materials 

re: 🅱️​⭐​ 

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