I love it when I refresh this page and I get the transparent fox at the bottom left.

re: vore thoughts 

re: vore thoughts 

vore thoughts 

Okay so, after the direct this morning I think I know what the "microtransactions" the ESRB thought were.

The cards/amiibo could be seen as such, which, i'm totally and 100% fine with, lol. In previous games they were used to force certain villagers to your town. If that's all they do here too I DON'T CARE.

job stuff (negative) 

Down with subtooting!

Up with domtooting!

Switchtooting can go either way

Instance block recommendation 

I found this screenshot in my folder and I don't remember taking it.

re: CW: Fo-February Update! 

Twitch stream link 

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