Boss touch you at any point? You're dead.
ice hit you twice? you're dead.


and with three hearts? that means you get ONE shot at the bomb jump and you either go the EVEN LONGER route or just die and do half the dungeon again.

what a seed.


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6 hearts/bottle feels nice. cause like.

with green mail, the falling ice does 2 hearts, the puffs do 4. so you can take 1/2 hits, use bottle, and just hope to keep going.

with 3 hearts you can only get hit by the falling ice once and that's it.

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I once spent 2 hours trying to beat ice palace with nothing but green mail, fighter sword, and hammer, one bottle and 6 hearts.
I felt pretty confident after, and haven't struggled with that boss much since.

This seed?
Expected me to beat it with 3 hearts, no bottles.

Fucking. Christ.

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I have had the fear of inverted seeds beat back into me holy fucking shit.

I really wish I took a capture of one. The game gave you all these funky pieces and expected you to get from point a to point b.

Not only did I take the longer route. I used all the pieces unconventionally (sides, backwards, etc) and it worked so thbbt.

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My friend showed me a physics puzzle game and much to his dismay I found all the stupidest ways to clear them because it was more fun that way :V

@a_puma01 I did this a bunch and I got into the habit of doing a little stomp when I was a few paces away.

@kathan I also just feel, really warm.

...though that might be the peppers I put in cause holy cow the new ones have a lot more of a kick.

I love making pho so much ;.;

I can't have most soups cause wheat allergy and just.

Man on days when you feel like shit, maybe it's just nostalgia but soups make you feel so good.

Sorry about the weird audio. For whatever reason my capture software occasionally does this weird shit with discord.

I was yelling, the voice you hear is not me though XD

Booted this up to test to see if the usb extender thing that came with my controller helps with the random bouts of lag I got on occasoin.

Yes. Yes it does. Because any lagging in this arena would have just got me murdered.

So it being too close to my computer was making it have interference, and the cable they put in with the controller, surprise, helped XD

So one thing a lot of folk know about me is I'm really into fishing in games (though gosh I wish I could go more IRL)

This happened and I you can tell I was a little upset, lmao.


I just had a moment in the mirror where I realized.

I totally have my Mom's hair. Different color but, ye.

re: Physical Health (positive) 

@kathan Don't actually do this for the love of god it sucks.

re: Physical Health (positive) 

@kathan I mean, in this case it was less allergies and more my thing wasn't cooking meat well enough.

Just go eat raw meat for a few years and lemme know how that goes.


I've won twice, @Happenstance has won once. and this was all in like, a 30 minute time period.

Feels good.

re: Physical Health (positive) 

Guys becoming a functioning human being physically feels great.

Would recommend being functional.

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Physical Health (positive) 

So, anyone that's stopped by my streams know that I tend to cough, a lot.

People are always worried about it and tell me they hope I get better, like it's supposed to be a temporary thing.

It's something I've lived with for quite awhile. and I just learned to deal.

I've noticed since I figured out what was making me sick? I've been coughing a LOT less. Fingers crossed over the next few weeks that will finally just go away.

Square your systems are fucking wierd and stupid and a spelled weird wrong and I don't care cause i'm saying the words as i type them on a call and hello bob

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