I found this screenshot in my folder and I don't remember taking it.

There so many points in this anime where the animators just add something extra as hell because they can.

Valentines day shitpost 

...I found another world where it messes with lighting somehow and I blind people by looking at them :V

also this face low key terrifies me.

aaaaaaand I got excited for PSO2 all over again.

God I can't wait until we finally have an official english release ;.;

This world got an update the other day and heck yeah.

Also went back and did the bonus thing again to get a shot with the avatar I finally settled on for now :V

I'm glad I didn't stop when I passed them on the first go. They would have caught up and retook first.

But I didn't, and kept going further and kept it. My rewards D=<

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Finally after years of self loathing, I've found a service I can befriend myself :V

It's not much, but it's a start :V

Especially considering I was being dumb at first and kept falling through the floor cause I didn't know how to physics.

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