My friend showed me a physics puzzle game and much to his dismay I found all the stupidest ways to clear them because it was more fun that way :V

Sorry about the weird audio. For whatever reason my capture software occasionally does this weird shit with discord.

I was yelling, the voice you hear is not me though XD

Booted this up to test to see if the usb extender thing that came with my controller helps with the random bouts of lag I got on occasoin.

Yes. Yes it does. Because any lagging in this arena would have just got me murdered.

So it being too close to my computer was making it have interference, and the cable they put in with the controller, surprise, helped XD


I've won twice, @Happenstance has won once. and this was all in like, a 30 minute time period.

Feels good.

Birdsite mention 

Apparently 2 years ago I made a side, locked account specifically for attaching stuff like my switch to in order for the cross poster to post screenshots and stuff to this account.


I am a dick if I'm in a boring stage in fall guys.

I've got so many video clips that are just me pushing off people trying really hard to memorize the fruits.

United States politics, shitposting 

This article came up on my phone's suggestions and this is about how I picture it went.

Had to get this out of my system so please excuse my awful drawing.


Also, this is not a card I have so I'm really stoked right now xD

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