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Another toot to pin because I can.

I play FFXIV a lot. My main character is on Aether(Cactaur) and can be seen here:

I've made an alt on Primal(Hyperion) which can be seen here:

If I make any further alts, I'll probably make further toots appending their details. Feel free to add me~

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Gonna start keeping track of my zelda randomizer seeds/times in case anyone wants to give them a shot too!

Probably mostly so I can throw them at @Damienfox :V

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Okay, so, new to pin here.

I'm Nin, I've been a for as long I can remember. My main kink you'll see me talk about is , I'm strictly a predator in that regard.

I'm a cis panromantic heterosexual male. I'm still trying to understand myself in this regard.

Other than that, really into and that's where most of my free time goes. I'm a novice and I really wish I could make that my job. I'm also the guy my family calls with issues.

Commissions are open! Please see my commission page for prices and availability! Please also note that I mainly want to focus on sketch style and avatars in this batch, so if you commission a full color, it may take longer. Thank you!!

I've been having a lot of fun playing streets of rage 4.

Feline Lucky? It took me 3:06.46 to complete the 400 meters in Marathon Running. Try and beat my time in the Doodle Champion Island Games! 😸

Rearranged my stream setup a bit, but now I have captions on stream \o/

I actually think I got a good night's rest for once??? What a weird feeling to wake up and not be instantly tired again.


I've started walking to the grocery store near my house both for exercise and to get cheap meat that's about to expire.

Today I got 10 really good sausages for $2.

I need to hang around here more. Hope folks are doin' well.

Found this game on steam ( ) and this happened tonight. This game is goofy and fun and if you think you'd enjoy this, you probably will. And also it's $5

light Yakuza: Like A Dragon spoilers 

So today we found out that Namba is into vore V:

Physical Health (positive) 

I can once again stand up without screaming in pain every time I do it.

*throws countless cups of coffee on a table^


Between this and the forced amazon thing that keeps popping up I really need to find a new browser again.

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If you asked me to picture the man who invented karaoke, this is exactly the image that would have come to mind


I finally have a beautiful jar of Kimchi in my fridge again. It's been too long.


Every single time I play a Yakuza game I get so freakin' hungry. The food it it looks SO FREAKIN' GOOD.

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