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Another toot to pin because I can.

I play FFXIV a lot. My main character is on Aether(Cactaur) and can be seen here:

I've made an alt on Primal(Hyperion) which can be seen here:

If I make any further alts, I'll probably make further toots appending their details. Feel free to add me~

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Gonna start keeping track of my zelda randomizer seeds/times in case anyone wants to give them a shot too!

Probably mostly so I can throw them at @Damienfox :V

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Okay, so, new to pin here.

I'm Nin, I've been a for as long I can remember. My main kink you'll see me talk about is , I'm strictly a predator in that regard.

I'm a cis panromantic heterosexual male. I'm still trying to understand myself in this regard.

Other than that, really into and that's where most of my free time goes. I'm a novice and I really wish I could make that my job. I'm also the guy my family calls with issues.

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Vore stuff, preferences 

Gonna stream more hollow knight for a bit before trying to do stuff again.

TIL in billiards if you hit a ball so hard off the table it goes into the void, it counts.

Gonna stream hollow knight after picking it up from the humble bundle that supports assisting australia. (

Gonna play more yooka laylee cause I had fun with it yesterday.

and I actually spelled it right without looking, for once \o/

hi -- are you part of an under-represented group looking for entry level remote work? limited computer knowledge *PREFERRED*!

I need assistance refining an installation procedure that is to be done by people with a CCNA/A+ level technical background.

The task is simply plugging the right cables into the right ports in the right order. the process is driven by a simple step-by-step app/website (under construction, with your input!)

boosts appreciated

Cat Wisdom (it's more character spam) 

I'm gonna stream more games cause I can't focus on anything I usually play so TIME FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Gonna play more Yooka-Laylee and yes i've had to look at how to spell that every time I've streamed it.


I can't seem to focus on anything today.

Vore sillyness 

US Politics 

i remember reading a thread on here that was like "there should be a shirt that says 'CW: Boobs;" on it and i don't remember who it was that wanted it but here you go i made it. it's in Roboto and everything, to maximize that Mastodon feel.

Sometimes I wonder the most unimportant things.

Like, there are poke coins in PMD. Who mints those? Where do they come from? Is there a poke coin minting factory somewhere? Where do they get the metals for them? Are there pokemon miners that work for the factory? WHY IS THE SAD CEBU SAD?

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