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Gonna start keeping track of my zelda randomizer seeds/times in case anyone wants to give them a shot too!

Probably mostly so I can throw them at @Damienfox :V

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Gonna pin this as a reminder to myself.

I /CAN/ do this.

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Okay, so, new to pin here.

I'm Nin, I've been a for as long I can remember. My main kink you'll see me talk about is , I'm strictly a predator in that regard.

I'm a cis panromantic heterosexual male. I'm still trying to understand myself in this regard.

Other than that, really into and that's where most of my free time goes. I'm a novice and I really wish I could make that my job. I'm also the guy my family calls with issues.

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Vore stuff, preferences 

Mental health (negative) 

Fake birdsite screencaps, Naruto 

the eternal problem of people thinking that the protagonist of the LoZ games is an elf named Zelda tells us all one very important thing

children think that a girl being the sword-wielding protagonist of an RPG is perfectly fucking normal

> watch a streamer who's clearly leagues better at Mario
> take a few of his records
> remember how unoptimized most of my records are
I've made a mistake.

transphobia, slurs, Ion Fury 

congratulations to our comrades at for their one year anniversary <3 keep on rocking it @sky and the rest of the team!

"What do you do when you and your 18-story tall robot partner have the day off? Make a lunch date, obviously! "

replaying through FF14 on another datacenter reminds me how much i fucking love biggs' and wedge's dynamic.

Apparently I stopped watching steven universe like, right before the finale. Oops.

"If you take PayPal and shorten it to its intials, it's peepee. Peepee. I'm so mature."

-@roxy, 2019

There's nobody up here anymore, so I can take better screenshots now :V

Tales of Zestiria, look, we need to talk.

Stop fucking changing my party loadout every goddamn 5 seconds.


Vore stuff, free YCH link 

I set water to boil and put the pot on the wrong burner. 🤦‍♂️​

In one of those moods where I want to play a game, but I can't really get into any game for more than a few minutes ~.~

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