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Another toot to pin because I can.

I play FFXIV a lot. My main character is on Aether(Cactaur) and can be seen here:

I've made an alt on Primal(Hyperion) which can be seen here:

If I make any further alts, I'll probably make further toots appending their details. Feel free to add me~

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Gonna start keeping track of my zelda randomizer seeds/times in case anyone wants to give them a shot too!

Probably mostly so I can throw them at @Damienfox :V

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Okay, so, new to pin here.

I'm Nin, I've been a for as long I can remember. My main kink you'll see me talk about is , I'm strictly a predator in that regard.

I'm a cis panromantic heterosexual male. I'm still trying to understand myself in this regard.

Other than that, really into and that's where most of my free time goes. I'm a novice and I really wish I could make that my job. I'm also the guy my family calls with issues.

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Vore stuff, preferences 

After the adrenaline wore off I'm oddly in less pain than I was before so time to exercise like crazy.

This is the stupidest thing but this is how my brain do:

"I'm already in pain, I literally have nothing to lose by exercising, which I usually avoid because pain."

So I exercised by throwing punches for a half hour.

health stuff 

Every time life kicks me down and makes me want to quit, I think spite is really the only reason some days I get back up.


Physical health (improving, kinda gross) 

I love how any time you look at someone's steam profile that's been around for awhile, they always have comments that are years old.

That feature just really doesn't have much of a use xD

"you gotta separate the person from the artist"

I propose, that instead, we separate the person in half

Physical health (leaning negative but improving) 

Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is spite.

More cat wisdom. (random text spam) 

Physical health (leaning negative) 

re: physical health (very negative) 

physical health (very negative) 

physical health (very negative) 

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