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Another toot to pin because I can.

I play FFXIV a lot. My main character is on Aether(Cactaur) and can be seen here:

I've made an alt on Primal(Hyperion) which can be seen here:

If I make any further alts, I'll probably make further toots appending their details. Feel free to add me~

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Gonna start keeping track of my zelda randomizer seeds/times in case anyone wants to give them a shot too!

Probably mostly so I can throw them at @Damienfox :V

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Okay, so, new to pin here.

I'm Nin, I've been a for as long I can remember. My main kink you'll see me talk about is , I'm strictly a predator in that regard.

I'm a cis panromantic heterosexual male. I'm still trying to understand myself in this regard.

Other than that, really into and that's where most of my free time goes. I'm a novice and I really wish I could make that my job. I'm also the guy my family calls with issues.

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Vore stuff, preferences 

Asking For Help, Long-Term Planning, Moving, Boosts Appreciated 

"Man, I dunno if I'm any good at aLttPR. I know I play it a lot and I think my times are good, but I have no frame of reference D:"

Starts playing daily seeds, is typically in the middle/front, won two days in a row.

"...okay maybe I'm alright"

Horny, vorish moods 

The secret S is the worst kept secret because literally everyone knows about it.

I'm also much more comfortable with things I couldn't dream of doing a few months ago. The one time I had to do master sword ganon I swore I'd never do it again. Now I've done it like, 3 times this week XD

Did today's aLttPR daily and I did it faster than everyone that posted their times, including one guy I beat by 30 seconds XD

Sesame Street, a show created for public access television to help kids from low-income families learn to read and write, is being put being a paywall which will prevent the kids who most need it from accessing it.
The past 50 seasons are also included in that so they can't be streamed anywhere else.

Fuck capitalism.

Pirate Sesame Street.

I love when eagles fans say “go birds” because I, with no horse in that particular race, can sit back and agree that yes, birds should be praised and encouraged

I'm just glad alt + space / alt + m / arrow keys works so I don't have to move my start bar every single time these days.

I really wish more programs would fucking check where the start bar is in windows.

I really get tired of having to drag windows down because they don't understand the start bar is on top.

This I've said today in my half asleep state while on a call with friends:

"You know, I'd try spaghetti from taco bell."

Oh, to fight the claim they want like, all kinds of info incase this tries to go to court.

Lmao that's not worth my time.

and in a fit of irony, trying to google this and find what song he's trying to claim links to a youtube video that got claimed :V

Mr Connor, I don't know who you are but I assure you that you do not own zelda. xD

Lmao what.

My twitch audio got muted in recent vods.

The only thing you can hear in them is my voice and the zelda music so. What the fuck? xD

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