Ok, I need to distract myslef from this negative fucking attitude I've been stuck in all night. So I'm gonna put a feeler out:

Is anybody in the community open for commisions? I could use a reference turnaround and/or a pic of my sona in a "Trans Right are Human Rights" shirt because that meme is extremely awesome.

@Monty_Verdan My bud offered to do a shirt meme commission for $15 if you're interested! Here's an example of his art: twitter.com/piecreature/status

@regal Oh thanks! *checks twitter profile* WOW that is a lot of vore. O_O.

Nothing against it, mind you, just wasn't expecting it.

@regal Appreciate the recommendation all the same. Will see about contacting him via FA or something.

@Monty_Verdan omg yeah....I forgot he and his boyfriend were doing a vore-drawing-a-day mega-commission thing. Sorry about that--

@regal Hey no worries, he's a good artist! Just double check next time and add a CW, that's all.

@regal Aw crap his commisions are closed. :( Thanks for the rec, anyway.

@Monty_Verdan huh really? I literally sent him your post and asked if he'd be up for it. If you reach out, just say that Regal sent you!

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