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the political triangle 

There's three corners: justice, freedom and order. People can be in the corners, along the edges or somewhere in the middle.

Justice corner people believe in equality and social justice. Freedom corner people believe in personal liberty. Order corner people believe in hierarchy, law and order.

Personally I'm in about the middle of the edge between the justice and freedom corners. I believe in justice and freedom about equally.

Fascism is an extreme order corner position. It's directly opposite my position on the triangle.

Right wing libertarianism is in between order and freedom. It's about as close to me as is the justice corner. I share the preference for freedom, but disagree with RWLs on order vs. justice things.

Right wingers like to call justice corner people "SJWs". I tend to agree with justice corner positions, but disagreements happen where justice conflicts with freedom, because I value freedom significantly more than justice corner people do.

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personal fedi meta 

with regards to my posts:
favs are good
boosts are better
replies are the best

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Consider *every* post I make, including followers-only posts, an attempt by me to start a conversation, unless I specifically say "no replies".

Conversation is my favorite thing on social media.

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subpost, personal, meta, semi-angry, PSA, mh- mention 

I painfully had to discover today that at least two people on here quietly unfollowed me, one of which even softblocked me, and both of those people have a recent (-ly posted about) policy about poorly CW'ed boosts.

1. I wish there was a "boost with CW" feature. Go pester Eugen about it.

2. If there's something about me that makes you uncomfortable or annoys you, *PLEASE* @ me. Not a subpost, a direct @. There's a decent chance that I will try to make you more comfortable from then on.

3. Related to 2.: If a behavior of me makes you uncomfortable or annoyed, there's a decent chance it also annoys/discomforts someone else. If you just quietly leave, I don't get the chance to fix my behavior, and it might cause more people to leave me.

4. If it's *just* about my boosts, consider just muting my boosts. Yes, this is a feature on Mastodon. I always carefully CW my own posts.

5. I'm quite anxious about my social behavior. People quietly leaving (or even worse, hard-blocking) me without telling me what I did wrong makes me super anxious, and can nuke my mental health because it could've been *anything*, and I don't even know how to fix it and prevent it for the future because nobody told me what it was. That's still a Twitter trauma of mine.

It's Inclusion Week at work, and today is Gender Day.

I have just come out to my colleagues as preferring they/them pronouns. Wish me luck.

#wenbiesday :heart_nb:

fedi what do you say as like, an acknowledgement to someone when they Cough (like how you might say Gesundheit/Bless You to a sneeze)

insulting brains is ableist (abuse and death mentions, 222 words) 

(related to LB)

Foundational to ableism as it is practiced is the act of declaring some people to be pervasively inferior and incapable. This is used to dismiss what they say out of hand, strip them of dignity, respect, and accommodation, justify their murder as 'a drain on resources', and otherwise perpetuate evils upon their persons.

This act is often justified by pointing to medical differences - for example, a parent of an autistic child pointing to this developmental difference as proof that the child is incapable of understanding social norms and therefore proof that they are justified in forcing the child into distressing situations and ignoring their complaints.

To dismiss someone's complaints by attributing them to an underdeveloped or damaged brain is to first claim that such behavior cannot be reasonable, second claim that such behavior must come from an inferiority in the person making it, and third claim that the difference being painted as an inferiority /is/ an inferiority and makes the person with the difference unworthy of consideration and respect.

That's severely ableist. It's ableist to say someone is wrong because they are pervasively bad and it's ableist to say that medical difference makes one pervasively bad. It's not okay and it's not something people should do.

- Packfox 🦊

lewd shitpost 

statistically, thousands of people all over the world are cumming Right Now. why not join them

hot programmeing take 

automatic, ubiquitous lazy execution with thunks, and automatic function currying, are not as nice as mathematicians think they are, and syntactically tend to cause more problems than they solve

fediblock for a big masto instance, extremely gross ableism, genitals referenced 

ppl have had serious issues with the way dot social has been running for like, a fucking while, but quite frankly, seeing a staff member post that ppl are "babybrained" and have "dents in their brain", and then their response to being reported for ableism is to mock it because they're an admin? fucking gross and we're sick of this kinda shit being acceptable

while we're at it we'll note that this isn't super new for luigi, see also: his past forays into, uh, mocking the very existent disability spoons theory because it's "baby talk"

there are probably more examples. also just outright does not have rules against ableism. like, at all. presumably no one running the garbage site saw the need for caring abt ableism

(screenshots just in case of links breaking or other such things)

> The new EU law will force companies to let you uninstall pre-loaded apps

Fuck yeah

lewd shitpost, food-related kink 

we talked it over with the fox and have decided that the official yiff scenario of summer is genitalia in hotdog buns, with or without condiments

this is satisfying in that it balances out the potential top/bottom dynamic between the seasons, though we're not sure what the dfab-embodied equivalent would be, and that bugs us a little

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Someone posting in nextdoor about stolen political yard signs.

Please don't steal signs, especially if they're Trump signs. We need some way of identifying who the fascists are in our neighbourhood.

@BadAtNames copyright law is bullshit anyway and companies should be forced to opensource and/or release for free all their software they no longer support any more, server and client side, as well as documentation.

all companies.

specifically thinking about games as a service rn but this relates to a lot of other things

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