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the political triangle 

There's three corners: justice, freedom and order. People can be in the corners, along the edges or somewhere in the middle.

Justice corner people believe in equality and social justice. Freedom corner people believe in personal liberty. Order corner people believe in hierarchy, law and order.

Personally I'm in about the middle of the edge between the justice and freedom corners. I believe in justice and freedom about equally.

Fascism is an extreme order corner position. It's directly opposite my position on the triangle.

Right wing libertarianism is in between order and freedom. It's about as close to me as is the justice corner. I share the preference for freedom, but disagree with RWLs on order vs. justice things.

Right wingers like to call justice corner people "SJWs". I tend to agree with justice corner positions, but disagreements happen where justice conflicts with freedom, because I value freedom significantly more than justice corner people do.

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personal fedi meta 

with regards to my posts:
favs are good
boosts are better
replies are the best

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Consider *every* post I make, including followers-only posts, an attempt by me to start a conversation, unless I specifically say "no replies".

Conversation is my favorite thing on social media.

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subpost, personal, meta, semi-angry, PSA, mh- mention 

I painfully had to discover today that at least two people on here quietly unfollowed me, one of which even softblocked me, and both of those people have a recent (-ly posted about) policy about poorly CW'ed boosts.

1. I wish there was a "boost with CW" feature. Go pester Eugen about it.

2. If there's something about me that makes you uncomfortable or annoys you, *PLEASE* @ me. Not a subpost, a direct @. There's a decent chance that I will try to make you more comfortable from then on.

3. Related to 2.: If a behavior of me makes you uncomfortable or annoyed, there's a decent chance it also annoys/discomforts someone else. If you just quietly leave, I don't get the chance to fix my behavior, and it might cause more people to leave me.

4. If it's *just* about my boosts, consider just muting my boosts. Yes, this is a feature on Mastodon. I always carefully CW my own posts.

5. I'm quite anxious about my social behavior. People quietly leaving (or even worse, hard-blocking) me without telling me what I did wrong makes me super anxious, and can nuke my mental health because it could've been *anything*, and I don't even know how to fix it and prevent it for the future because nobody told me what it was. That's still a Twitter trauma of mine.

sorry we can't play cleanup for what is literally a shitty distro that we've been trying to push out of the spotlight for ages for this exact reason

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...also if shit works on other distros and not ubuntu
maybe pay attention to the fact that canonical has been choosing not to engage with the rest of the Linux community for years and that the mass majority of ubuntu specific problems come from the fact they can't keep themselves up to date, even as a company with actual resources, and repeatedly insist on making their own forks of libraries left and right that cause issues outside of ubuntu for no legitimate reason

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I see people complain about Linux foss bros constantly while I literally work in the community and cannot actually remember the last time I saw someone act stuck up about Linux being the future
the dynamic seems skewed here

"Lockdown"-Verlängerung um weitere 3 Wochen also. OK. Werde ich auch brav mittragen. Aber wäre es nicht sinnvoll mal etwas zu verschärfen und eben nicht nur im Privatleben, sondern auch z.B. bei den Jobs und den Schulen, damit das Ganze auch irgendwann wieder ein Ende nimmt?

Seriously, though, FOSS bros, I'm speaking specifically to you here:

Linux will never be mainstream outside of server setups simply because there's too many issues that aren't automatically handled by the software and worse, require the command line to fix.

If you can't configure your app via a GUI window, or worse, lacks a GUI entirely, your app is part of the problem.

If your app has problems in Ubuntu but works fine in Fedora and Windows, you're part of the problem. (Lookin' at you, Kodi.)

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I think we should legitimately make laws banning rich people from leaving the planet. You're not getting away, fuckers

ableism, fedi, 4/4 

It's thinking that any of the above can't apply to you because you're autistic and thus know what every other autistic person should be able to do.

Ableism is expecting of individuals what should be expected of society.

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ableism, fedi, 3/4 

It's excluding them because you find how they exist and interact with the world awkward.

It's not giving them the chance to learn things, or not accepting that sometimes they can't.

It's the culture of performative leftist wokeness, where people are judged and included based on their ability to navigate first-world social shibboleths, rather than met where they're at and nurtured to be the best they can be.

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ableism, fedi, 2/4 

It's relying on and judging people by arbitrary standards. It's having standards that don't empower disabled people in the first place.

It's conflating infodumping with splaining, passion with arrogance, and honesty with rudeness.

It's making people afraid to interact with you or to take part in the community, because they struggle to connect or communicate, because they have social anxiety, or because they're afraid of fucking up.

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ableism, fedi, 1/4 

Reminder that fedi is still full of casual ableism.

Ableism isn't just the slurs, or not writing image descriptions when you're able to.

It's also expecting people to realise or know things that you think are obvious.

It's perceiving everyone as having a similar degree of ability just because they can type text in a box.

It's not being aware of - or being suspicious of - social, communication or cognitive disabilities.

It's expecting people to know how to describe images.

It's 2021. Is it finally the year of the Linux Desktop? Can all the elitist FOSS bros finally feel superior to their closed-source counterparts?

also *ahem*

those couple weeks you spent in a wheelchair due to an injury, are not comparable to my dependence on a wheelchair for the rest of my life. don’t start.

and that one period where you got really stressed about school, isn’t comparable to my panic attacks and meltdowns i’ve had my entire life and will continue to have. don’t.

stop trying to be oppressed and just listen, i’m begging y’all.

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i’m so fucking tired of people pulling the “well i have an Autistic [coworker/friend/child/etc] and i don’t see the problem!” type of tripe

you can never and will never understand what we go through. you’ve never been in our shoes. we don’t operate the same. we don’t live in the same world.

shut up. fully shut up. listen. absorb. and then pay us for the education, because the majority of us can’t hold down a full-time job and are hurting for money.

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friendly reminder that if a disabled person tells you you’re being ableist, your job is now to shut up and listen

this goes for all non-disabled and neurotypical people, even if you consider yourself an ally, even if you have a disabled cousin or an Autistic sibling, i don’t care

you do not get to tell us we’re actually wrong, you just do not get to do that. sorry.

Rumors suggest that is a haven for underage art, although I haven't seen any actual evidence of their mod(s)/admin(s) making this stance.

Anyone have the receipts, or a link to them?

to eliminate confusion between windows and linux computers both being called PCs i propose the following scheme
windows: PC
linux: friend

like this:
- mac
- PC
- friend

People who see a "high voltage" sign and go "y'know it's not the voltage that kills you 😏", do they also listen to a high wind weather warning and go "y'know it's not actually the wind that kills you 😏"?

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