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I painfully had to discover today that at least two people on here quietly unfollowed me, one of which even softblocked me, and both of those people have a recent (-ly posted about) policy about poorly CW'ed boosts.

1. I wish there was a "boost with CW" feature. Go pester Eugen about it.

2. If there's something about me that makes you uncomfortable or annoys you, *PLEASE* @ me. Not a subpost, a direct @. There's a decent chance that I will try to make you more comfortable from then on.

3. Related to 2.: If a behavior of me makes you uncomfortable or annoyed, there's a decent chance it also annoys/discomforts someone else. If you just quietly leave, I don't get the chance to fix my behavior, and it might cause more people to leave me.

4. If it's *just* about my boosts, consider just muting my boosts. Yes, this is a feature on Mastodon. I always carefully CW my own posts.

5. I'm quite anxious about my social behavior. People quietly leaving (or even worse, hard-blocking) me without telling me what I did wrong makes me super anxious, and can nuke my mental health because it could've been *anything*, and I don't even know how to fix it and prevent it for the future because nobody told me what it was. That's still a Twitter trauma of mine.

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TIL that chrome and firefox handle drag and drop events separately.

The layman's version is basically that what works in Chrome only works in Firefox if you add a line that I, to be honest, do not get.

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"Hey can you pass me..."
"Wait a sec... Override."
"Pass me the remote."
"Thanks, hun."

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mind control, tech kink 

Using your robot partner's override command to get them to do things for you that they'd probably do anyway

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really glad to discover that eventually your body can be taught to see your new vocal range as your natural pitch.

For ages this feeling of ever present low bass range was like a horrific ghost, but now its more like having a talent that i can use but isn't part of my everyday.

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the answer was, event.preventDefault

god i love web development

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i bet baboons think we're the ones with the weird butts

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CW meta, genital shitpost in screenshot, rape mention doesn't give a damn about:

- CWs
- sex repulsed aces
- rape victims
- dysphoric trans people
- people who simply don't want genital humor shoved in their face without a CW

Like, the post would have been *perfectly* fine, if it had a CW.
Link ->

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It's fun that after deciding to try out Nim and writing a bunch of it I find out the community is bleh, and by fun i mean not fun.
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questions about the anatomy of slimes 

I'm thinking about whether versafelines are slimes, and what implications that would have on their anatomy. So I'd be interested in learning about slime anatomy, or at least one way it could work so I have a basis for thinking of a different way. Things I'm particularly interested in (as in how it'd work in slimes):
- internal circulation/blood flow
- the brain
- the nervous system
- organs
- food ingestion and digestion
- reproduction
- changing shape
- keeping a shape (temporary solidification?)
- outer layer/skin
- movement/muscles
- flowing through tubes/pipes
- fusing with other slimes of the same species, and re-separation
- survival if a slime body is separated (for example cut in half)

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I'm thinking of eventually making a new fediverse software system (new client, server and protocol) (will be able to federate with ActivityPub). The current working title is Cosmo. Don't expect Cosmo (or whatever it'll be called when it's done) to be released before 2024, because the runtime system (working title: KittyOS) it's going to be built on doesn't even exist yet, and my priorities after that's done will be dev tools for KittyOS.

But still, any ideas for features for Cosmo?

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Ask me anything about versafelines, a species of catlike sapient shapeshifters, of which I am one, although trapped in a human body.

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about USA police brutality 

Mom's watching a documentary about USA police, and I looked a bit into it, and honestly, I'm so sorry for you non-white, neurodivergent and/or transgender folks over there, that have to live with such a ludicrously abusive police force. Like, police's bad enough here in Germany, but *in comparison* to the USA it's fucking heaven. I'm mixed-black, and have been stopped by German police a few times, but I didn't ever feel afraid for my life. Because German police are trained with de-escalation in mind, whereas your police's training is "shoot, shoot, shoot".

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Post your opinions on Google Fuchsia below

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"Israel has all but made its decision: one country that includes millions of Palestinians who lack basic rights. Now liberal Zionists must make our decision, too. It’s time to abandon the traditional two-state solution and embrace the goal of equal rights for Jews and Palestinians. It’s time to imagine a Jewish home that is not a Jewish state."

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