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the political triangle 

There's three corners: justice, freedom and order. People can be in the corners, along the edges or somewhere in the middle.

Justice corner people believe in equality and social justice. Freedom corner people believe in personal liberty. Order corner people believe in hierarchy, law and order.

Personally I'm in about the middle of the edge between the justice and freedom corners. I believe in justice and freedom about equally.

Fascism is an extreme order corner position. It's directly opposite my position on the triangle.

Right wing libertarianism is in between order and freedom. It's about as close to me as is the justice corner. I share the preference for freedom, but disagree with RWLs on order vs. justice things.

Right wingers like to call justice corner people "SJWs". I tend to agree with justice corner positions, but disagreements happen where justice conflicts with freedom, because I value freedom significantly more than justice corner people do.

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personal fedi meta 

with regards to my posts:
favs are good
boosts are better
replies are the best

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Consider *every* post I make, including followers-only posts, an attempt by me to start a conversation, unless I specifically say "no replies".

Conversation is my favorite thing on social media.

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subpost, personal, meta, semi-angry, PSA, mh- mention 

I painfully had to discover today that at least two people on here quietly unfollowed me, one of which even softblocked me, and both of those people have a recent (-ly posted about) policy about poorly CW'ed boosts.

1. I wish there was a "boost with CW" feature. Go pester Eugen about it.

2. If there's something about me that makes you uncomfortable or annoys you, *PLEASE* @ me. Not a subpost, a direct @. There's a decent chance that I will try to make you more comfortable from then on.

3. Related to 2.: If a behavior of me makes you uncomfortable or annoyed, there's a decent chance it also annoys/discomforts someone else. If you just quietly leave, I don't get the chance to fix my behavior, and it might cause more people to leave me.

4. If it's *just* about my boosts, consider just muting my boosts. Yes, this is a feature on Mastodon. I always carefully CW my own posts.

5. I'm quite anxious about my social behavior. People quietly leaving (or even worse, hard-blocking) me without telling me what I did wrong makes me super anxious, and can nuke my mental health because it could've been *anything*, and I don't even know how to fix it and prevent it for the future because nobody told me what it was. That's still a Twitter trauma of mine.

sex toy 

I just bought a small red vibrator! It's my first ever sex toy (and buying it was my first time in a sex shop).

USpol, Fascism, Link from the White House 

Exec order just came down yesterday, antiracism and antisexist education is now essentialy forbidden in government agencies. This is straight up "war is peace, ignorance is wisdom" shit


*you see a twink of indeterminate gender smashing pots like a feral little bastard*

every anarchist has one girlfriend who is more anarchist than them and if you follow this chain to the heart of the polycule you find the leader of antifa

remember that demon girl game everyone was horny for a few months ago? someone made a little comic about one of them turning into an anthro goat and you canOT IMAGINE how mad the cishets are that they got horny at what amounts to a fursona

Out of context quote from this advanced vector spaces lecture 

"And the trick is to enlarge"

prog rock?? oh thats when trans women take hormones and make music right?

little mermaid au where the prince is all about explicit consent and never kisses ariel because she doesn't give him a "yes"

personal political opinion 

if you believe that a group of people should have the power to commit violence against others, this group's use of violence should 1. follow clear objective restrictions w/ punishments for breaking them, 2. be subject to popular oversight

i find it really funny people who have pet birds don't know to not rub their backs and bellies like ma'am you are making your bird horny

blm rebellions 2020, uspol, orpol, pdx 

"in 2020 there was a van full of tasty snacks that made cops and fascists so irrationally angry that they repeatedly destroyed it, only to watch in impotent rage and horror as it respawned each time"

the only kind of edgy i like is edgy fashion. goth, punk, emo, scene, all the nine miles. the kind of edgy i do Not approve of is when people are being insensitive and hiding behind a lame "it's just a joke!" as if it'll excuse their bad behavior.

the only edge that's cool is fashion.


what's browsing porn on your commute being called?

if you're looking for that ADHD type "fulfilling distraction", anything is better than social media. If you're using social media as your foundation distraction (ie where you return to when you can't find anything else more fulfilling) then you're at the mercy of whatever emotional ripples are flowing around.

oh you work at a big company? that's cool. I'm a fucking dragon

the algorithm isn't racially biased! it just selects for [list of the factors that lead to a racially biased outcome]

which spelling is better

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