Lockark awooed

Very old work from back in '12 of my now been reworking the army into a one for 8th ed.

Always loved how the freehand for this tank commander came out. Really need to do up a nice tank commander for my now that 30k has been winding down a lot in my area.

Autocannon Chimera I have converted for my Guard. Simple conversation but always happy how clean it looks.

Priest conversation with Power Sword and pistol. This was converted from the metal one, using snips and a dremel to remove parts to convert. Holstered pistol is just whatever I can fit into the list.

Well here is the full shot of my Fursona, art thanks for Hoffi

I feel like I've made a great mistake choosing this server, now that I realize every send button is "RAWR!" and liking a message is now "Licked". Also just furry puns in general. Oh well. I've made my bed lol

@ThePastelWitch I'm still confused how this all works. But atleast I found you! ❤️​​:heart_trans:

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