You don't need a job to survive.

You need clean water, healthy food, and safe housing to survive.

Under capitalism, however, all of those things have associated price tags. Hence the popular myth of "needing" a job to survive.

Survival should not be a subscription service.


So uh this is reaching a lot farther than I thought?

If you've got any extra cashish laying around and you can't think of anyone more local or more desperately in need of Da Money (fuck knows I boost enough cries for help), here's some places that could stand a few wads more. - The Bail Project: They're combating mass incarceration in the so-called United States of America by providing free assistance via cash bail and pretrial support to people who cannot afford such otherwise. - International Center for Journalists: What it says on the tin. They support investigative journalism worldwide. - Sci-Hub: Free and open access to as much of the world's scientific knowledge as possible, working on the premise that because so very much of it is ultimately funded by taxpayers then it should not be locked behind paywalls.

And with that I mute this thread, 'cause my phone needs to chill.

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