tumblr post screencap re: kink at pride discourse 

snakegay: "why does so much post apocalypse media have people wearing straight up bdsm/fetish gear like, do the kinksters watch the world ending and think 'oh boy I can wear my bondage gear in public now"

skelefolk: "thats actually exactly what happens"

broliloquy: "What I wanna know is why the spiky kink warriers are always the bad evil marauders. They might be into some weird shit and unafraid to show it but that doesn't mean they want to go around killing dudes. They're a tight-knit bunch. A lot of them are queer. They understand the importance of community.

If the government collapses and all laws come to an end, the people rampaging around killing and looting are gonna be like, frat boys and 4chan rejects. You can mistrust the bondage raiders all you like but they're definitely they ones you're going to run to for help when the neoliberal blood cultists and Nazi meme demons lay seige to your survivor enclave. There's gonna be gayboy berserkers busting up slaver gangs and burning down warboy frat houses. The assless-chaps leather daddies and weird petplay people are gonna be the accidental peacekeepers of the post-apocalyptic world just because they're the only motherfuckers who understand the importance of consent anymore."


end of transcription re: tumblr post screencap re: kink at pride discourse 

"Listen. Don't come to me asking how to get the secret cadre of bisexual death commandos to protect your wretched tent village if you're scared that we might call in the kinksters for backup. I don't give a shit if they dress up like dogs and spend all day writing poems about butt plugs. There's assholes out there acting like Vlad the Impaler on a meth bender and you're afraid of seeing a nipple. Fuck you. If you really want to get rid of the MRA death gangs you're going to have to accept that a lesbian chainsaw dominatrix or two might be involved. It's the fucking post-apocalypse my guy we gotta weigh our priorities here."

"But it's not the post-apocalypse, Lex!"

Are you sure about that.

Rargh. And I just noticed a single fucking typo.

@LexYeen well, it's not "post-"

but also this is making me think a lot about the role of leather and kink communities in responding to the AIDS crisis before almost anyone else was, cf.

tl;dr: this isn't even science fiction, this is *history*, and history still well within living memory at that. hell, it's history that hasn't even finished happening yet

@alexis While I see your point? I would argue that it is post-apocalyptic, but that the post-apocalypse just isn't evenly distributed yet.

@alexis I don't like thinking about it, but I think it's better to think about it than to actively deny it like conservatives and other right-twist wingnuts do.

@LexYeen also fair, although if i were to try to clarify the thought behind that part of the comment, it was something like disagreeing with "post-" only inasmuch as that implies the apocalypse in question lies in the past

for some it's already here
and ongoing, for others it's still possible to pretend one isn't coming, and the difference is both a function and a signifier of privilege, something like that

idk, the coffee has helped less than i'd have liked and between that and being very much a member of the "still possible to pretend" group i'm not really sure i'm saying anything useful here

@alexis The hazards of manual transcription, am I right?

tumblr post screencap re: kink at pride discourse 

Having spent all day yesterday watching Mad Max movies, I can say it's because the first Mad Max movie was transparently a cop fantasy with cops in biker cosplay and that one and the two movies after have queer coded if not queer canon villains in one big explosion-fest of cops versus leather daddies.

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