I have no idea how people manage to cling to even the shadow of a hope this situation is going to somehow improve.

gloom [covid, mostly] 

I mean this in as neutral way as I can manage it.

The covid situation is not going to meaningfully improve, those with any power to improve it have long ago given up at best.

We need to start coming up with new things with less risk or we're all going to die of loneliness if the mere lack of support doesn't kill us first.


re: gloom [covid, mostly] 

@IrisKalmia As someone whose got it right now, vaccines don't negate the blow but they soften it a lot. And though we aren't there yet, it is trending towards higher virulence/lower severity in mutations.

It sucks Q balls, but shit cultures broke that genie out of the bottle back in 2020. Just another burden to endure.

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