I just had a thought this morning.

On a macrocultural level, encouraging "How are you?" as a greeting while making honest answers taboo?

That is literally stating "It is bad to be truthful with one another. It is bad to heal and build trust with one another. It is good to lie. Pretend everything is okay, because no one should be sharing their discontent."

It's not just us autistics being autistic when we notice this, y'all. This shit is fucking broken at the core. o_o

But like trans expression, we have a lot more trouble just playing pretend and going with the stream. We've got good instincts, but the socially constructed ones are either absent or trained into us, for better or worse.

@Kyresti i think we personally come off a bit awkward because we have a really hard time lying when asked how we're doing and to be honest we're not doing well lately

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