Idle musings, capitalism is bullshit 

Let's see. In the past month alone I've seen:

-People in Texas being slapped with 5-6 figure power bills and companies not backing down.

-Context for the student debt crisis in which, well, if you have a so-called "useless" degree, how do you ever pay that back?

-Weeks of hand-wringing over means-testing for a stimulus that could be solved in a balanced way by nothing more than a flat distribution and a progressive tax take-back.

-Moratoriums galore but no forgiveness. There's a looming rent crisis being snowballed.

-Various forms of intellectual property lawfare and negotiations fucking up everything in medicine from ventilator repair to vaccine distribution.

-And more recently, context to a looming disaster in China. Cities build property to stay afloat, millenials buy it for marriageability, which is extremely competitive there. As it turns out when you mix sexism, abortions, tradition and capitalism together you get... literally entire cities where almost no one actually lives. They just "own". Sure politburo could bring the hammer (and imaginary sickle) down, but that would destroy their GDP. And as we know from the market, ZOMG DROPPING NUMBERS BAD! D:

-And don't even get me started on NFT. Just... don't.


re: Idle musings, capitalism is bullshit 

And not to be orientalist here, just I think whatever happens to a place with literally 1/6 of the human population is gonna make waves, ok? Especially given some of the property they're buying is out over here on the west coast.

Disclaimer aside, the real thing I'm wondering is how much longer this veritable 'sugar snake' is gonna keep reacting and growing until it topples over (it already has been in a lot of ways), because I'd rather see it coming in a way where it won't land square on my head.

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