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If I end a toot in :p, it means I'm speaking in jest, whether it be sarcastic or just plain silly.

I feel like I should pin this, I've had people miss it and mistake me for angry before. :x

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Re-introduction to Kyresti (Dec 2018 edition) 

Bit of context for LB, it describes the birth of what I'd describe as Kenya's equivalent of a 'payday loan' industry, while also introducing a term for systemic abuse I wish I'd known sooner; "Slow Violence"

Discourse, PSA 

TFW you want an AR headset not because of cool bleeding-edge tech toys, but because your day job falls between doing nothing and "busywork" during slow periods and it would be a good time to study.

Mad science musings, fursuit design (warning: mild gore/morbid) 

AI brains are gonna have entirely their own mess of fuck-ups, risks and weaknesses on the distant someday we get them. And yet, I wonder how many of us would jump at the chance to switch out at least parts of the meat version anyway.

HIV precautions, open question 

Possible HIV outbreak, PSA 

@shadow8t4 Howdy stranger. Did you read my profile before sending that follow request?

Phantom parts, guided prose 

lewd joke (repost) 

By some amazing upset Myspace still exists to this day, and they seem to be doing... not too bad. o.o

*watches as the sun comes up over the horizon*

*fox screams at it*


Good fuckin' morning, world.

Oh what trouble can a grey fox hybrid get into today

In spite of capitalism, corruption, bureaucracy and artificial scarcity, the urge to create, explore and empower hold true.

The Work continues.

I feel like there's a discourse stirring out of my immediate view.

Anyway my pronouns are "Just don't call me sir, or I'm going to shout you down like a Queen's Guard"

Once again I wind up feeling like my pronouns are an aesthetic. The vibe I give is the one I felt like pulling out of my closet today. *soft smile*

And thank the stars I had the sense to divorce that from anatomical or neurochemical restraints. :3

Ya know, one of the good things about being a furry is that you at least have a way of getting around gendered bullshit titles at least among friends.

Instead of calling myself, say, a frontman (which gets less accurate by the day), I can just say frontfox. :3

It's not just that we only recently know how far away the stars are.

It's also that we know they're fucking HUGE. And the biggest ones go BOOM in ways a human mind couldn't even begin to comprehend without a numeric system to pare down the measurements.

And that we know those explosions, that can blow out an entire solar system in mere minutes... are largely responsible for our existence in the first place.

If the creation story of ancient religions is weird, the truth is far, FAR stranger and far more intense.


Fuck. Ok world, ok, I get it. I'm awake.


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