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So who IS Kyresti? (Rev. Sep 2019, part 1/2) 

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So who IS Kyresti? (Rev. Sep 2019, part 2/2) 

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So who IS Kyresti? (Footnotes on faith and cultural appropriation, READ before you even think about calling me on it) 

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If I end a toot in :p, it means I'm speaking in jest, whether it be sarcastic or just plain silly.

I feel like I should pin this, I've had people miss it and mistake me for angry before. :x

Dreams (Cool, makery shit) 

re: Carolina Reaper-tier spicy nut take 

Carolina Reaper-tier spicy nut take 

Addendum, lewd AF, cyborg praxis 

Kyrestifox is the kind of girl who will gaze into your soul with that almond-eyed trickster grin... then lick your face. It's a fox thing. πŸ’š

Maker musings, grumpy humor 

Woo as metaphor? Deliberately up for interpretation 

Maker musings (amusing) 

I resent how my body developed. I do, however, well and truly love how I've been able to change it so far, from awkward glitch-addled junk machine to eccentric fae prince, but I still have some major grievances for the trade-offs and limitations I've run into on the journey.

Do you want transhumanist cyborgs? Because this is how you get transhumanist cyborgs.

Soc meta (+, albeit an underhanded subtoot to a lot of... social media in general, not just here) 

On the universe, strange food for thought 

Maker musings (pensive) 

Maker musings (gross but amusing) 

Personal ethics, semi-shitpost but serious 

re: Maker musings 

Maker musings 

I want nothing to do what passes for 'normal' in this society.

Stick that shit on a T-shirt but the emotion is real.

Aaaand I just stuck my paw in uncured silicone like a doofus.

Ya know if I put some white coloring in I could probably pass this shit off as Vasoline. :3


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