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If I end a toot in :p, it means I'm speaking in jest, whether it be sarcastic or just plain silly.

I feel like I should pin this, I've had people miss it and mistake me for angry before. :x

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Re-introduction to Kyresti (Dec 2018 edition) 

No Ky, you're not staying up all night watching speedruns with job shit tomorrow.

Wonder what it says about me though that a big chunk of the ones I WANT to see are at like ass in the morning.

HRT (lighthearted, food/drink) 

re: GDQ, mascot commentary 

GDQ, mascot commentary 

Societal bullshit, snark, pol-adjacent? 

Lewd/seedy enby musings (explicit talk) 

Ohhh, it's THAT time of the season again!

Where you get a pile of poly queer fox critters and other such similar types, you're bound to get one giant pile of heat.

Medicine, PH/MH link, scathing take 

I'd want to know, but likely, like... fuck it. Am fox, will do what I please. :p

Is there an adjective form for Urocyon? I feel like I'm stuck using vulpine as a shorthand for something even though it's not *technically* accurate

re: Python coding (Kivy), open question 

Python coding (Kivy), open question 

Jobhunt snark (aka. Amazon, you fucking suck and everyone knows it) 

A word of coyote wisdom to the wise:

Tricksters dance and sing in the fire, laughing with or at, or is it with the pyre.

Secret is we take it *really* damn seriously beneath the facade of carefree amusement.

re: Subtoot, snark, society at large, knowing vs. handwaves 

Subtoot, snark, society at large, knowing vs. handwaves 

I wonder now, is there's a specific term for being sexually and emotionally attracted to, almost exclusively, queer beings regardless of which particular stripe of queer they are?

(Or rather pan minus straight beings)

Commercial, snark 

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