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Interaction with Kyresti in the abstract. Basically what NOT to do. 

I want to be transparent about this since it might otherwise appear superficial in who I'm willing to associate with on social media. Also because I'm finding little stirrings of the same stressors that led me to ditch Twitter.

So hi. I'm queer, trans, furry, and jovially eccentric. So are a lot of y'all. I like that. I'm also open to a good conversation outside of that with good faith and acceptance.

But there ARE some social media trappings I judge (and softblock people by, minimum).

-Constant negativity. Keep a surgical mask on that shit, it's infectious. If that's the *entirety* of your life it has no place in mine.

-Anti-left hate. We're not perfect by any stretch, but if your only words to/about us are complaints I'm going to assume you're fash.

-Social policing as a way of life. If you're literally just interacting to tell me you think I fucked up, fuck off, plain and simple. You're a school bully.

-*Boosting* social policing as a way of life. You're not fooling anyone. Again, fuck off. (I know PSAs have merit, I'm talking about the types who do this more often than they actually post.)

I'm super chill 99% of the time, but some of this is trigger, and most of it's been a really good gauge of temperament for me.

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So who IS Kyresti? (Rev. Sep 2019, part 1/2) 

So, a little background about me:

There's a few things that don't change.
-I'm on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum.
-I've been a furry since 2000, otherkin since 2002, though the minor details went through a laundry list of changes.
-I'm pansexual and a devout relationship anarchist. In more confining/conventional structures I lean almost entirely aromantic.
-I'm post-traumatic on multiple fronts and coping in strange but effective ways. The species stuff is at least partly connected, and yes I'm open about that. πŸ’š
-I'm demifluid with my resting state trending towards androgyny.
-Collectively we're a median system with expression thereof varying markedly (think Garnet from SU but somewhat less stable as a fusion). As Kyresti I'm the hypervisor, permanent observer, and near-permanent body controller.

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So who IS Kyresti? (Rev. Sep 2019, part 2/2) 

And here's the more contemporary quirks-mode aspects.

-As of last year? I am post-GRS, outie to innie but with complicated feelings on the outcome and a frequent desire for 'mixed characteristics' (Yes it IS possible, I think for all but at least for pre-op AMAB types. Message me and I can refer you to surgeons who know that technique.)
-As of about the beginning of this 2019? I'm half gray fox, half coyote, therian partly by choice.
-Devoutly transhumanist and a vocal proponent of morphological freedom. Your body, your wants, your business, and fuck the haters!
-Actively trying to self-teach from a wide swath of science and engineering disciplines to help make that real (It's gonna be a while though, this is kind of a lot.)
-Lover of academia as a haven for progress and research, sworn enemy of academia as an institution of gatekeeping, debt-slavery and corporate cronyism.
-Semi-solitary eclectic pagan, moderate intensity chaos mage, childe (in the Vampire sense) of Coyote. And yes I DO mean that clever yet often careless, no-shits-given oversexed asshole of a trickster god.
-Student of Fox (predominantly Red) for his light-heart and razor wit, and yes there IS a spiritual component to my therian crap why do you ask. XD

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So who IS Kyresti? (Footnotes on faith and cultural appropriation, READ before you even think about calling me on it) 

Fox here should be mostly benign, a lot of those traits come from the British Isles.

My experience with Coyote, on the other hand, comes from a convoluted mixture of First Nations stories, contemporary media (in particular Gunnerkrigg Court), some intense and frankly terrifying spiritual experiences with him over the past two years, and most importantly my own personal interpretation.

I'll make all the effort I can, to the best of my ability, to not be disrespectful about it (for instance eschewing the obvious shit like calling them 'spirit animals' as someone born with the whiteness infection). If there's something I CAN do better to balance this, I'm open to hearing. However, I'm not willing to give up my spirituality for it, and in particular, I have no patience for whiny Twitter-style callout cultists and social rent-a-cops with nothing better to do.

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If I end a toot in :p, it means I'm speaking in jest, whether it be sarcastic or just plain silly.

I feel like I should pin this, I've had people miss it and mistake me for angry before. :x

Autodidactism musings, electrical tinkering 

One of the hardest parts with my pet projects right now, aside from no formal employment and uncertain funds, is the sheer scale of complexity the engineering fields bring.

I need a motor. Well, sure, what kind? Probably DC brushless though I have to worry about speed, gearing, is it internal or do I have to link it myself, how beefy do I need, what's the current draw (and voltage both) and can my board handle it, etc. Beyond that, do I drive it with a shield, hack together a circuit myself, or just say fuck it and send out a work order to get a PCB fabbed?

And that's easy mode. The project I'm really gearing up for concerns not just the basic variables (For the love of Venus you do NOT want me going over 50mA or so), but also the frequency, the waveforms, *where* the circuit is semi-independent of that, being able to code for that on the fly _and_ rigging up a state machine to know when to do what.

Each simple concept is pretty easy to hold on to. Put together they're meticulous AF. But the problem is there's not like THE right answer. There's many, some better than others, some flat-out bad, some mixed.

How do you *pick something*? Even that has nuance.

Also damnit Mast suuuuuuuuuucks for having to dig up posts you lost in the temporal.

Can we at least have a search by like only DMs or ONLY posts from a specific critter that (at)s you?

If the universe is compassionate, then let's seed that and spread it like spores.

And if the universe is cold and uncaring, then it certainly won't mind if we step in and take control.

We _really_ fucking need pluripotent tissue engineering to come along, it would spare the world _so_ much trauma! And I do _actually_ mean trauma.

So, do you have a crush on me?

You and me. We should have ourselves a little talk... about bones. :3

Actually no, you know what?

I'm glad for the path I've been on and where it's led me.

You know why? I got some dang compassion.

It's not something you're guaranteed to pick up on a world like this.

Also can I just say it makes me almost physically queasy when someone uses investment or interest as a metaphor these days?

Like, nurture your egg chickens, plant trees that'll bear fruit, pour a foundation to build your home on, add to your wiki, there's a ton of terms that aren't fucking toxic.

It does almost no one any good to talk about life in the terms of a paperclip maximizer.

Autodidactism musings, on originality 

Owing to a packmate's advice I'm looking into new tricks for studying/note-taking and just realized something... both telling and in the societal context, infuriating.

We're taught not to plagiarize in the context of IP theft. Threatened with penalties and potential expulsion, linked to nebulous job prospects. Do the work... or else.

What they never tell you in college is that putting something in your own words and having to re-read it on it's own forces you take a closer look. It's often enough to gatekeepers to tool with the grammar order and synonyms, but coming across something you jotted down outside it's native context and asking if you still _get it_ is a good way of making sure you do.

Whose bright idea was it to marry business and academia, anyway?

In a world that, at large, stood for common decency, the covies and it's after-effects would be one of the biggest challenges we were rising to. It would be mostly medical, scientific and logistical.

That the biggest problem we face right now is *creating* that world from what we have now and all the shit that stands in the way is maybe a smidge frustrating. >_<

Why don't tech types just label them independent and dependent? It's what we do for literally any other variable in the sciences with that kind of connection.

re: gender / HRT stuff 

I'll fully admit I'm something of an outlier here but we're not an impossibility.

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gender / HRT stuff 

Something I've learned the hard way and am still not sure how to handle:

The hormones you feel most comfortable with *aren't necessarily fixed and can change*.

If I had a libsona it'd probably be a trans girl who fought like hell to get care, became part of the medical establishment, and took all manner of transmedicalist gatekeepy fat-shamey expression-policing bullshit with her.

But that's not a role I'm willing to play even ironically.

re: EE stuff, open question 

And my bad if I've asked this before, focus has been baaaasically anywhere else when I've had it ^^'

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EE stuff, open question 

Ok, right now I'm at the level where I know what the basic components are. Capacitors, resistors, transistors, diodes, gates, etc. I know enough about chips to know the existence of timers, MOSFETs, how to read a pinout, simple shit.

Is there any good broad materials out there for taking the next step? Like "You have all the simple shit down, now put it all in a sentence" territory?

Ya know, I feel bad for anyone who likes or identifies with actual pigs or boars. You know, the snoot-nosed truffle-hunting, generally more interesting than people give them credit for kind.

Same with G-sheps, in fact part of this is because I've run into one on the fedi. Beautiful dogs that just happen to oftentimes get put through _hell_ and trained into violence, the breed isn't the badge.

pol-meta, protection (violence/conceptual death mention) 

Ask yourselves this, y'all, shit's important.

If we abolish the police in all roles, what do we do if someone, say, kidnaps one of our friends? What if you know from prior situations that the longer they're gone, the less likely they are to get out of that alive?

Hint: Police aren't the answer, and doing nothing isn't the answer either. Think about it.

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