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So who IS Kyresti? (Rev. Sep 2019, part 1/2) 

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So who IS Kyresti? (Rev. Sep 2019, part 2/2) 

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So who IS Kyresti? (Footnotes on faith and cultural appropriation, READ before you even think about calling me on it) 

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If I end a toot in :p, it means I'm speaking in jest, whether it be sarcastic or just plain silly.

I feel like I should pin this, I've had people miss it and mistake me for angry before. :x

Heck I suspect it's equally true for wolves, but I never see them around as much in circles like these.

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Say whatcha will about us trickster canids, but we have a knack for making sure our friends are well cared for. :3

"It's like spaceflight. You just gotta go sideways faster than you go down."



Are y'all taking care of yourselves in these shitty times?

Fed? Watered? Bathed? Medicated? Saw the sun and went outside for a bit? That's still perfectly fine to do btw, just play "people is lava". :D How about talked to friends and stayed in the loop (then again, that's why we're -here-, right?)

The tides will ebb eventually, but right now being there for yourself is more important, not less.

Me upon reading the spelled out molecular formulae for the larger hydrocarbons: (CH3CH2CH(CH3)etc. etc. etc.)

...I think meme culture shat in my head somewhere along the way. o.o

re: Surversion of problematic language 

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Surversion of problematic language (SA refs) 

re: Philosophy/tech musings, storytime 

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Philosophy/tech musings, storytime 

Autodidactism/maker musings crossroads 

uspol, cultural fears, war talk 

How different would the internet look, I wonder, if capitalism wasn't creating an incentive to sneak advertising pages and shill articles in with legitimate information in a bid to sell product.

re: molecular gastronomy, bad coyote ideas 

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molecular gastronomy, bad coyote ideas 

Slice-of-life, autodidactism musings 

And yes I mean that as a subjective experience thing, not just embodied presence.

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If there's any consolation to this mess, it's that I'm at least with good critters. *soft foxy smile*

covid, an odd upshot 

TDOV, personal narrative, half humor, half serious 

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