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The present personal narrative 

So, I've had a hell of a past couple weeks and feel the need to spill a couple things in my own personal style.

I am not the me I used to be, but not even the gods know why I've reeked of coyote so long - not most of them anyway.

I participate in magic while knowing it has no scientific basis, yes I believe it can change my life, and no I do not dismiss the science. There's a few threads involved, but note how the implied correlation between placebo and lack of any effect from any source is as foolish as it is dismissive.

More than one thing can be true at a time, and if you don't believe I can give you new limbs, new realities, change your image and form for even a fleeting moment... then damn do I have some surprises to show you.

I accept friends without causality and stories without sense, because hey it makes sense to someone in some language.

What I don't accept is riddles caged in sadism and abuse, even and especially if they're spoken as a grave warning for me to not do something I'd already decided against the year prior, from someone pretending to be one of my headmates (yes this actually happened.)

But if a predator tries to name and claim me, it's a simple catch to flip the tables and claim it for my own. Don't underestimate a fox in a labcoat - we got a strong pull.

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So who IS Kyresti? (Rev. Sep 2019, part 1/2) 

So, a little background about me:

There's a few things that don't change.
-I'm on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum.
-I've been a furry since 2000, otherkin since 2002, though the minor details went through a laundry list of changes.
-I'm pansexual and a devout relationship anarchist. In more confining/conventional structures I lean almost entirely aromantic.
-I'm post-traumatic on multiple fronts and coping in strange but effective ways. The species stuff is at least partly connected, and yes I'm open about that. 💚
-I'm demifluid with my resting state trending towards androgyny.
-Collectively we're a median system with expression thereof varying markedly (think Garnet from SU but somewhat less stable as a fusion). As Kyresti I'm the hypervisor, permanent observer, and near-permanent body controller.

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So who IS Kyresti? (Rev. Sep 2019, part 2/2) 

And here's the more contemporary quirks-mode aspects.

-As of last year? I am post-GRS, outie to innie but with complicated feelings on the outcome and a frequent desire for 'mixed characteristics' (Yes it IS possible, I think for all but at least for pre-op AMAB types. Message me and I can refer you to surgeons who know that technique.)
-As of about the beginning of this 2019? I'm half gray fox, half coyote, therian partly by choice.
-Devoutly transhumanist and a vocal proponent of morphological freedom. Your body, your wants, your business, and fuck the haters!
-Actively trying to self-teach from a wide swath of science and engineering disciplines to help make that real (It's gonna be a while though, this is kind of a lot.)
-Lover of academia as a haven for progress and research, sworn enemy of academia as an institution of gatekeeping, debt-slavery and corporate cronyism.
-Semi-solitary eclectic pagan, moderate intensity chaos mage, childe (in the Vampire sense) of Coyote. And yes I DO mean that clever yet often careless, no-shits-given oversexed asshole of a trickster god.
-Student of Fox (predominantly Red) for his light-heart and razor wit, and yes there IS a spiritual component to my therian crap why do you ask. XD

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(Though TBF social media always gets a little weird around celebrity deaths)

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Sorry, y'all. I ain't mourning the loss of someone who supported Santorum and Trump. You want me dead? I want you forgotten.

Today is shaping up to be beautiful so far.

We may just see eachother live to attain objective godhood in wider society.

Nobody is truly ready for this, and I'm saying that as a fae.

If someone developed a malignant tumor, and it somehow became sapient and had consciousness, pain perception and emotions, would it deserve to be spared?

Weird little philosophical stim-toy to chew on this morning.

Y'all ever had one of those ridiculous nights where most of your REM was occupied by a (false) state of being awake way too early, but stuck in bed unable to try and do anything about it?

Totally using dom/sub or top/bottom definitions in my personal tech documentation to subvert the shitty master/slave terminology.

jobblather, ranty 

You can always tell if a recruiter is both desperate and predatory.

Outside of macroeconomic context clues, they may do things like cold-call offer postings well beneath your known skillset, lowball on pay, or when you call them on it they suddenly get rude, frustrated and impatient.

Kind of telling that it's usually the temp agencies too.

re: wordleblather 

Wordle 206 4/6*


Can't tell if going after mid-common letters first was a good strat or not this time. For how ubiquitous a word this is it's kind of a weird one in a statistical context.

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re: wordleblather meta) 

(Also apparently hardmode allows you to use yellows in the same spot on subsequent guesses? IDK maybe I should stop doing there right as I wake up.

Or maybe you should keep it up. It's a good way to wake yourself.)

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re: wordleblather 

Wordle 205 5/6*


Good gods, y'all! XD

(Feel I got a handicap seeing one of someone's weirder guesses. Didn't use it, mind you, but this one is legit hard.)

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re: wordleblather 

Wordle 204 4/6*


I feel... hard mode basically forces you to play well. I'm not as in-danger of running out of guesses, but I did stumble for awhile trying to figure out what it could be.

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re: Philosophical play 

I... wonder if there's a good way to condense this. Maybe it's a bit too early in the morning.

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Philosophical play 

Woke up from a weird fucking dream this morning, primed for ideas.

And you know, there's an amusing little surface-contradiction in my worldview.

One of my core motivators is to expand the possibility space as much as I can in this lifetime, if motivation and conditions permit.

One of my core beliefs is the sacredness of scientific rigor. A question about physical reality is only solved when it has one right answer, or a specific set/type thereof. If I unironically say "The second law of thermodynamics is that you're getting forest fires because you forsook Zeus"? I fully expect y'all to laugh in my face... or worry about my mental health.

But then, look a little deeper. In Tokyo, right now, G*d is dead. Lucifer killed him. There's a pocket apocalypse going on in the space between, with the angels and other kami left to sort it out.

How real is that? Play the game, capture the 'rude pokemon', and you tell me. :p

You see, nothing's stopping us from sharing stories, and the more we achieve, the more ways we have to tell them. Sure they are just stories, but those are literally pocket experiences we can have ("feelings don't care about your facts").

Difference is that no matter how much faith you have in the salvation of Ivermectin, it won't cure COVID


Wordle 203 4/6*


2nd guess sealed it. Very few things it can be with that combination.

re: wordleblather 

Wordle 202 3/6*


Ironically, I think 'hard mode' kept me from screwing this up. I was too 'just woke up' to register those first 2 greens as green and it blocked me putting this letters anywhere else.

That said, that strat Lorx shared with the first word is... a little OP.

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re: wordleblather 

Wordle 201 4/6*


Changed up my tack a little, owing to a fellow hunter's advice. For a weird word like this I think it might've saved my tail

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re: wordleblather 

Wordle 200 5/6


Yea, I can see how this would be tricky. Feeling like it's good for understanding how my strat works better, though.

And while it's terrible at narrowing letters if you get close early, it makes up for it in narrowing down words.

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