I didn't know that much love could come from a cat over 16 years. But somehow it did. Sleep well, Faust.

Huge thank you from @samheartsuyw@twitter.com for this awesome surprise piece! ♥. Thank you so much!

My bud, Faust. I've had him since 2005. Got him from the shelter. He's been an amazing cat. It's going to be unimaginably difficult tomorrow. So for now I'm just curling up with him. And have been since 1130 am.

We're getting him comfort meds /anti-nausia stuff and I'm bringing him home for one last day. I'm spending my last hours with him dammit. He doesn't need to suffer through a week (or maybe 2)of meds and vomiting and lethargy. I'm giving him one last day of undeniable love

I'm... I'm trying not to get sick. Today is going to be a day of tough decisions.

Now, like a good officer... I drove it as well. Haven't driven a truck in 2.5 years, let alone an engine. (I drove a 100' aerial) and I crushed it! I miss driving

About to take our rookie through the driving course.

Ughhhhh. I HATE how one shoe always polishes up so much better than the other. (lighting in here is horrible, but these are my front line boots, so they have some battle damage.)

Just got back into the station. We've been out since 0800. First a fire alarm, then a wreck on the way back, then off to train with 18 for 2 hours. Now back and chill until like 6 pm when we go train some more

Did some cleaning, mowed the yard in the brief dry spell, shot some hockey pucks. Now it's time for COD for a little

Servers go down for maintenance at 9 pm, but our turnips are 528...

Went to go get some cat litter and food for dinner tonight and so many people were out without masks. With their children, just letting them run around,wothout masks either. I did see one girl wearing her mask while her mom had hers pulled down around her neck. Good on you, girl.

Just talked about being excited about the new Wes Anderson film... Co-worker goes, "the guy who does horror movies?" Nope... That's Wes Craven... Thankfully we did have a Wes Anderson horror spoof to show. Thanks SNL.

Had three sets of visitors during/after lunch here at the station. Ran a wreck, then did some territory driving and training for our rookie. Reports are currently caught up. Time to do some maintenance on our Halligan tool and do some forcible entry training.

Today has been a good day, so far. I've had 2 issues resolved with folks that have been bugging me for about a week or so now. Got some validation I feel.

VR chat seems to be a big thing right now. Unsure if it's something I'd like to try. I'm good on actual physical Rollercoasters, but something like the Harry Potter ride in Hogwarts at Universal makes me very motion sick.

Also, I felt like "Lord Helmet" today in the store with my mask and my coffee...

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