Kipo and The Age of The Wonderbeasts was fantastic. Loved so many of the characters. Go watch it (3 seasons) if you can. Well worth it.

That's a Redliners win! Woo. 6:1 we played a very solid game. Biggest difference in past games this season? We had people go to the net and cause traffic. Boom. Also, Sour Apple is my hands down favorite so far. By, like.. A long shot.

Alright... About to be hockey time. Playing out today. We could really use a win. Also, I'll be sampling Sour Apple today!

Well that game was a shit show. I think my team spent more time on the PK than they did even strength. They apologized to me for that one. Only so much I can do. Right?

Well, I got it. They think I'm a little over qualified for the part time position, but they said they had no one even close to an appropriate level, so over is better than under. Pay isn't amazing, hours are slim, but it's something. Right?

Time for my second interview for the part time management position. Wheeee.

Rough night... I keep thinking Faust is sitting next to me on the couch and I keep reaching to pet him.

I love how as soon as the treats come out kilo immediately knows all the English language. He even understands words we haven't taught him yet which really confuses me but treats are a powerful motivator

Now it's time to pay some bills play with the pup, and figure out what to do for dinner.

I'm line to vote early on this first day of in person early voting in NC. This line is crazy. I'm happy to see so many people voting already! It's currently 0858 hrs. I'll update you on when I get in to actually vote.

Welp, Saturday I'm getting my check off sheet completed for moving up to Battalion Chief. Wehhhhh.

Also, it's crazy seeing the work difference between D league (left) and C3 (right). Sorry, I'm a bit of a dork when it comes down to fitness and work stuff.

Played as well as I could given it was D league. Lost in a shootout. Only let one goal get by. Nothing amazing save wise. Tried the Stealth tonight pregame. Couldn't quite place my finger on the flavor. It falls below Tropikilla but above πŸ“ πŸ‰

Got the call for E-Bug in D league tonight. Ready to try and stop some biscuits from getting into the basket. πŸ’ πŸ₯… πŸ›‘

Acorn squash is in the oven! Getting dinner ready for when she gets home from work!

Tomorrow at work we're going to be turning fire plugs all day for our semi-annual hydrant testing season. Same plan for Saturday at work, too.

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