I've disconnected my Twitter from here. I primarily post from Twitter and don't do c/w things. So expect me to be less active on here

People are scaling the capitol building... What happened to the LEOs?

I was at 5'02". My last FF to complete was 5'53" Average time seems to be around 5'40" -6'20". Test is 5 flights up, 5 flights down. 20 tire strikes w/ 8# hammer. Raise & lower 24' ladder. Hoseline drag 100', 185# dummy drag 100', crawl zigzag hands and knees 100'.

Also, this morning is our annual Fire fighter abilities/agility test and our SCBA refresher and our annual OSHA fit test

Dear anyone, please help me. I've been on this site for 12 years as of today.

Soon as I get home I'm going to be getting beat saber and working on playing that for a bit! Ooooo! Exciting!

In a little bit of time that I was there oh, I was very happy to see a very large amount of firefighters coming to get the shot. A lot of them talk a big game about this and that not being real blah blah blah however I know that's very different from their personal feelings.

Part one complete! Part 2 on Feb 1st. We're getting Moderna here. We've got a 15 minute waiting period after the shot before we are released back into gen. Pop.

Covid-19 vaccine part one scheduled for tomorrow morning. 💉🩹

Alright. Time to go pay some bills/ do some adulting then come in back home and relax a bit with the pup.

That last game was brütal. I'm wiped. Shower time then some food then some WoW

Well. Back up goalie game went well. Only let one goal in. Woo. Second game we played the 1st place team and we were out numbered 14 to 7. We played well, but lost. We just got too tired. Blehhh.

Got called into being emergency goalie. Looks like I'm playing two games today.

Hockey starts back up for us today. I'm ready to get back out on the ice. Also excited to get my new sticks from NoName. But as they are custom, I know I'll be waiting for a bit. But as soon as they are in, I'll get some photos for you all!

Alright. Time for second job shenanigans. Bleh.

I really hate that all it takes to make people uncomfortable at the fire house is to show them how my stick is taped up... I'm out here today working on some Puck handling and already getting lots of uncomfortable comments from people... @PrideTape@twitter.com

2020 was certainly a year. Many of us, for better or worse, got a lot of time being self reflective. Hopefully we've learned from that and we're ready to take that knowledge forward into next year. Apply it to our outward lives and make better connections with friends.

Ever since Oct 2018, there has been a rumor of me going back to hazmat. Welp, it's bubbling up again. And I have still not talked to or been approached by anyone about it who has the authority to do it. So...¯\_(ツ)_/

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