Also, tonight would have been DCI finals night. 😢 This corps is made of giants. !

Just ordered a shirt from the! Super excited. I'm ready to be playing again. Between this and my, I'm ready to get back to playing and supporting equality in hockey.

Our CPR guy from July has been discharged from the hospital! Wooo! Proud of my crew for being able to adapt on the fly for that call.

Animal crossing turnips are at 195 this AM if anyone needs a last ditch sell before Sunday.

I'm so tired today. We ran all night last night including a rolled over vehicle on fire with an entrapment. I just woke up from a nap. I'm still very sleepy.

Workout complete. 35 minutes on the elliptical and deadlifts from 135# up to 355#. Single rep after 225#.

Employee evaluations complete. Replaced some ceiling tiles in the kitchen as well. Now, workout time here at the station. Cardio, then deadlifts today.

With thanks to, I've been able to recover and update my iPod instead of restoring the whole thing. That was going to be a lot of music to replace. Thanks, bud!

Oh, Apple, you had better hope that you didn't just brick my iPod. My 120 GB iPod that had over 18 days of music on it. It wouldn't let me add new music to it, said it needed an update, then said it couldn't update it twice and now its bricked...

Aside from a few exceptions I'm really disappointed in the National coverage announcers and color commentary in the NHL. This is national coverage, there should be no biased broadcasting.

As I get older, it's harder to get rid of that gut. I know it's just a fact. It takes a lot of dedication or really good genes to keep it off. So.. If I just keep my chest large enough to fill out my shirt before my stomach...I'll be good!

Bad batch of drugs being distributed around the city right now. Lots of ODs being punched out. You can follow the dealers as the calls come in.

For everyone who follows me for photos and such, I'm sorry I haven't had any content for you! I apologize, but it's kind of the way of things right now. For now, you have to deal with my random hockey, dci, fire, and fitness mess!

Got a FF arguing with me over hydroxychloroquine and how it is a cure because a "Front line doctor" said it is was. But denies all the other research done to discredit that. Saying it's political. Like...i don't have time for that...

I worked 354 hours in July. We average 240 hours/ month usually. 😴

Workout complete. 10 wall balls, 10 side throws per side, 5 clean and press, 10 Weighted V-ups, 10 Weighted Russian twists. Now shower, then watch the Yotes.

OK. Workout time before hockey starts up. Also, got the word that our rec league hockey is starting back up on Sept. 9. So... Time to get ready physically for that.

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