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the entire world had a nasty experience with technical debt, with the y2k bug

and we really haven't learned since then

i find myself with the realization that really, somewhere around 25 is a point where when most people generally get just wise enough

Non-violent communication thread, capitalism, socialism 

I like Delahunt's term for capitalism, "white supremacist antisocialism". First cause capitalism can't possibly work without without the massive sacrifice of human potential in the altar of Mammon, so it requires a language that makes us not think too much about ~those~ ppl.

But also cause it recovers the root: socialism is about being eusocial, thinking socially. Capitalism is anti-social values made into ’ism‘.

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yuri bot is one of those things that brightens my timeline but i feel weird about boosting now

surf ninjas ended up a better movie than expected

by leaning into the cheesiness and postmodern deconstruction of the 90s

i see who is faving this and i am surprised because it's not who i'd expect

this movie is so bad

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what if a game that involved a real retro operating system vm image, and events in the game are, like, simulated network traffic to you.

I think we all remember our first gay experience with a ninja.

circumstantial simultaneity is actually a powerful concept

you just take the situation and flip it turnways and it's happening somewhere else completely unrelated

wish i had learned and retained more though. i used to chess club as a kid. maybe then i would be confident in joining in the chess tournament thing that's apparently coming into existence

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mm fuck

you would think i would be good at chess, that i look like that kind of person, but no not really.

i know how to play but not how to really play. strategy and game sense to win

monads users are cool and fun, and it's natural to want to riff with the big accounts, but doing so can be confusing and intimidating, mostly due to the slang, jargon, and inside jokes.

here is a brief guide to help you interact—
• dry dick: simple, without adornment or modification, often used pejoratively.
• techbros: every monads users is secretly a wealthy white programmer living in silicon valley with a six-figure job, but don't bring it up or you'll spoil the bit!
• edouard siddon: a prolific but little known academic who wrote on a variety of topics including mathematics, philosophy, economics, and religion. ask about him today!
• pito: a small, fried dumpling, pressed flat before serving. common to parts of central and south america.

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