physically vibrating, waiting for the day that the cohost staff make the fatal mistake of letting me post

@Elizafox haha those nerds with their stable operating system

not living in the fast lane like i am, flying down the highway at a hundred and... oh fuck! crash

@Johannab and it just doesn't get old, especially now that we know why

eugen doesn't hire anyone who uses mastodon because they might realize he isn't great #mastoFacts

twitter sells itself as being a firehose for the world, and it sure is that. and there's a time and a place for it

and that's decidedly not the same time or place where you want to socialize or shitpost

Nothing is clear about why this is going on, but it's gotten hilarious (there's a twitter thread). A Vancouver-area radio station has been playing "Killing in the Name" on repeat all day. Still going on.

Joke? Protest? Marketing?

Callers to the request line are having fun with it.Every 4-5 loops they take a "request". You can listen online.

re: Cohost 

@Triplefox yeah, pretty much.

i just happen to like those particular people, so i hopped on. i don't expect too terribly much other than, well, another website to get my dopamine fix from

@thufie haha wow a gallon of gas is half an hour minimum wage and everyone wonders why people stop wanting to come in to work

@socketwench i do too, which is why it's safe enough to be amusing and a little bit of a tease too

i feel like a "real girl" now

i have had to deal with the breeze trying to upskirt me

@sanspoint you can sign up now and get invited in after, it just means you can't post until then

@aescling i trust colin and jkap to honestly have a go at this business, but it remains to be seen what will happen.

post formatting is a lot richer and everyone has access to it

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