@Canageek i mean, quantum chemistry is a thing i am interested in. i generally want to have a good grasp on physics, and strange math that has strange physical consequences is more compelling to me than strange math by itself.

@haskal yeah. my mistake was, honestly, thinking infinity for reals was the same kind of thing as infinity for natural numbers. and it really isn't.

okay. yeah, i see what the problem is here now. it's an obscured case of how fucky it can be to group and rearrange infinite sums of things.

thanks y'all for humoring me :3

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@aschmitz @Leaf honestly i would think it would be clearer if we did use aleph-null. but okay yeah, not the same thing as what's usually meant by throwing a sideways eight there

@aschmitz because i think of infinity as something more like "you can do this as many times as you want" for some bottom-up discrete process, like i have here.

though, yeah, you could also then pick any arbitrary part of a period after however many cycles of this, and say the integral as a whole is the result of that integral. so it really is any number you want within a certain interval lol

this, i think, actually brings up an interesting philosophical point about what infinity even means in a thing like this.

i personally don't think completed/definite infinity is even a real thing, but instead it's a process of building up that never terminates.

and that viewpoint shows in this sketch of maybe-proof. but if you do think there's a definite infinity, then this makes no sense. what's sine of infinity? this doesn't converge to any limit.

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oh I just came up with a terribly cursed thing that I'm not sure is mathematically valid?

the integral of sin(x) from 0 to infinity is actually zero.

if we take the integral from 0 to 2*pi, it is zero. by symmetry the integral of every such period is zero. if we take the sum of every such period's integral, which is infinitely long, we get an infinite sum of zero, which is zero.

re: a very old thread 

@sobsz oh! well. for me, it was a combination of accepting things about myself (including my own feelings), getting treatment for my adhd and depression, and having space to work my stuff out and recover from burnout

haha yeah okay i now know what y'all mean when you say it's too hot out here

it's too fuckin hot out here

open to look at a thing in a bag 

@SapphicGiraffic i think that's what escaped

toki pona is pretty neat actually

i originally kinda wrote it off because, well, how am i going to be as specific and draw the really fine distinctions i want to?

but also, do i really need to do that all the time?

@Triplefox hehe. i think it's pretty good to have a totally analog way to do it. especially if the only things you need are a bunch of rocks and an ordering system

also abacuses? abucii? are actually really convenient and i had no idea 👀

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it's 66 fahrenheit outside and i see a lot of people in jackets and warm clothes

and my gay ass is in a dress with not a lot underneath, and i'm feeling actually pretty warm already

have i flipped all the way around to being really cold-adapted? weiiird

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