@Kyresti @KitRedgrave ...whatever that means

I think he's post-post-irony
we all got over being snarky assholes and tried to directly address our problems
when that didn't solve them and risked making ourselves into tone police, perhaps the answer is to introduce yourself as a snarky asshole, so you can then, safely, directly address our problems

@weird_hell @KitRedgrave My honest take on him since Kit showed me is this TBH: I think he's stealth-left trying to get shitty-but-not-quite-irredeemable people in particular to question themselves.

But trying to pin down an honest answer is just about impossible.

@weird_hell @KitRedgrave Wow, this is disconcerting in the same way as "Pumpkin-spice white girl" Dorian Electra. XD

@Kyresti @KitRedgrave also
mf literally posts a video about post-irony four hours ago so
forget whatever I said about that

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