@KitRedgrave It was on the second floor on the right side of the room last time I was there. The thing broke down when you looked at it wrong so I'm not surprised if it's been retired. It's still a fascinating piece of kusoge.

@KitRedgrave Yeah, I assume the large ball bearings work better than the large gumballs, but I honestly haven't tried.

@KitRedgrave Pinball seems like one of those games where to get the most out of it you gotta *really* sink your teeth into just one or two machines at a time, just really hone in on how all the elements of the table connect together and how to best approach them all in what order; and as one with untreated ADHD who is usually approaching such beings drunk and with only three quarters in tow, such heights of pinball wizardry will forever be beyond my own grasp 😔

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