i often end up appreciating the villains and other characters in things that i'm "not supposed to" appreciate

usually when the heroes are utterly square or unlikeable


I rarely find a story I can't enjoy at least some of the characters in but like, that one time? Holy fucking hell. It was a VN, and the main character is nice enough and kind of in a shitty predicament emotionally but all his friends are shitty jerks or VERY sympathetic to shitty jerks and I'm so fucking sick of shitty jerks. And the love interests all came with their own, oddly unique and off-putting natures. I'd never played a VN where I didn't want the main character to be in it at all before.



It felt like the Spec Ops: The Line of visual novels, in that it begged me not to play. And I PLAYED The Line twice. That shit haunts me now, but I understood the characters, the mistakes, and how frayed their motives became. Monstrous and misguided and mangled, all of them made more sense to me.

None of that seemed understandable in the VN except the main character, and I couldn't exactly just steal him for another game or something! XD


Villain characters tend to give authors more space to fuck up, because prerequisite likeability for villains is lower. So sometimes someone from the Evil Squad shows up who wouldn't have made it past the author's internal censor as a hero.

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