had that rare experience of running into an online clinic for hrt... for cis people.

and like... my dude, it's dope you want to optimize bodies. for some of us, it's the opposite set our bodies produce that works best.

it's like... you almost get it

@KitRedgrave wait hang on how does that work

do they somehow check that you're cis when you order

@00dani no, but from the web design and the copy it seems very much aimed at older cis folks wanting to keep going how they were when they were younger

@KitRedgrave Eh, I don't see anything wrong with both existing. 🤷

@aschmitz i don't either, it's just kind of a bizarre experience to see for me

genitals, hrt 

Oh, reminds us of that one time i saw the suggestion made for (cis) women to increase clitoral sensitivity (if they're insensitive) by being on testosterone short-term (because the initial spurt of growth does that)

And im just like. Fuck man this is a *controlled substance* and on the one hoof, i don't wanna dismiss how important that might be to some people but on the other. Some transes *really* fucking need it and have to fight like hell for it??

genitals, hrt 

@certifiedperson @KitRedgrave They should just like, let /everyone/ have it without gatekeepy shit!

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