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so i recently saw some screencaps of qanon posts and

these read exactly like classic 4chan shitposts, except some people literally believe them

what a fucking psyop


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apparently you can meme people into believing anything with the right appeals to their ego

and, well, that place being that place, they would rather burn the world down than build a better one

what a terrible waste

uspol, qanon, not laughing 

@KitRedgrave This is why I'm cautious and wary of memes

uspol, qanon, not laughing 

I think this is why we need to learn to wield them smartly.

As long as the technology exists to nudge people into thinking and feeling certain things by massaging their egos en masse, people will use it to do harm. The only way to combat the harm being done in those spaces is to find ways to nudge the narrative in the direction of kindness, and the good that comes from a more accepting society.

People in the US, and all around the world, have had a very visible four years to see how capitalist cronyism actually works out in practice. The nightmarish pandemic response, wildfires and blackouts, mass evictions and food insecurity, the Capitol riots. There's something there that most people can agree sucks, and needs to be replaced with something better. There's common ground to build on, and no time is more fertile than the present.

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