tired: binary gender
wired: source gender

if you don't compile your gender from source, what are you even doin smh


@KitRedgrave hey what license is your gender i want to reference parts of it for my own but i don't want to violate your license
i use affero gpl

@IceWolf @KitRedgrave I just want to be able to compose my own gender from both custom and pre-existing runtime gender components!

@KitRedgrave I wasn't able to decompile the binary gender that the previous owners installed, I just edited the raw binary randomly and kept extensive backups.

It's still a work-in-progress.

@KitRedgrave Look. Sometimes gender is downloading the distro that feels right to you. And sometimes gender involves sending Gerber files to a fab shop in China.

@KitRedgrave i compiled my gender by hand

and didn't do a very good job of it

so it just crashes randomly sometimes

tech-based metaphor, vent, somewhat (-) 

@KitRedgrave i wanted to mess around with mine once but all the filenames are hex so i had to just guess which one i want and i'm still not sure
(not that it matters since gcc keeps freezing at like 10% whenever i try to compile anything large)

tech-based metaphor, vent, somewhat (-) 

@sobsz ouch :( hope you find the tools that actually work for you

re (but no need to re): tech-based metaphor, vent, somewhat (-) 

@KitRedgrave oh don't worry it's not a big deal, not even sure if it's even my type of thing tbh
though yes the latter does need fixing

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