i wonder if people have cheated at mtg games by being really good at trick shuffles

@trwnh you'd have to be, like, that's the last thing anyone can do to touch the deck

@KitRedgrave Probably. IIRC, tournament rules do let you shuffle your opponent's deck to prevent cheating, but it takes time and makes you look paranoid.

@dzamie @KitRedgrave It’s mandatory at higher level tournaments. Back when I played (never seriously, just a few casual events at a local store), I regularly shuffled my opponent’s deck, and got two people *very* angry at me for screwing up their mana weave. That resulted in some awkward discussions where the store owner (an L2 judge) had to explain that stacking your deck is against the rules and the opponent shuffle is explicitly encouraged.

@Patashu ah. it's an art to pull that kind of thing off. literally, an art form people spend years perfecting for performance

@KitRedgrave There's a reason in Poker at casinos there's very strict rules about this sort of thing...

@lyskar part of why casinos have shuffling machines, along with having like 8 decks per blackjack table and reshuffling midway so you can't really count cards anymore

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