unpacking old extravagances from boxes, and finding new uses for them

i remembered i had a machine that i got specifically for the purpose of reading e-books

that i got sidetracked into trying to make into a general laptop replacement

then i just got a laptop and this thing sat unused for a while


i also have a queer villain pride flag i wanna hang up on my door or in my room

feels like an aspirational goal to live up to that flag though

@KitRedgrave thank you for the reminder -- we'll have to hang ours up, as well :3


@KitRedgrave o.o where did you get that?

I have a "fuck around and find out" ace pride flag from Gators Daily; it sits behind my computer desk :dragn_owo:

re: swears 

@monsterblue as for the link to actually get a physical copy ... hold on lemme see if it's still a thing you can find

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