processor chips are really just a very clever hack to split one ginormous circuit up across time, and memory is a very clever hack to save that description of how to split that circuit up and feed it into that process

i really wish fpgas were more affordable and performed better than they do, because i could see a software compiler literally compiling really hot loops directly into a soft coprocessor and opcodes to call out into it.

like user-reprogrammable microcode But More

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@KitRedgrave there's uuh, whachamacallits.
coarse grained heterogenous reconfigurable something something. it sits somewhere between an FPGA and discrete CPUs.
you have a bunch of functional modules, you wire them up, a compiler figures out the optimal routing for your code, badamim bada boom. maybe those could work better than FPGAs. or you could maybe use an FPGA as just another component.

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