hrt, mental health drugs 

hey, here's a possibly bad interaction for y'all to be cognizant of, that i personally experienced. ymmv, talk to your doctor if you've got one, this is not medical advice.

progesterone apparently does bump up the dopamine in your brain. if you're already on adhd medication like methylphenidate, it could push you into a state of uncomfortably high stimulation and hypomania.

if you're feeling energetic all the time with an undercurrent of exhaustion that just builds... it's possible that's happening to you too.

hrt, mental health drugs 

@KitRedgrave heck, that's good to know.

re: hrt, mental health drugs 

@KitRedgrave THAT is super useful to know o.o

hrt, mental health drugs 

@KitRedgrave real good to know and worth talking to my dr about.

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