in some sense it feels like i'm invoking ... myself?

wow is that what it feels like to just be yourself?

and wow all that jealousy and obsession over other people is just ... gone.

because those things were here this whole time. i could just ... be them.

but, well, you have to admit them first, because in your own head they're the most toxic versions of them you try so hard to avoid. and yet, you feel like it's only you who has those problems and everyone else gets it.

and what i needed was a change in perspective and just the right good hard look at myself.

and i'm rad as fuck, actually.

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@KitRedgrave wild how all those corny after-school specials were on to something, right?

being yourself rules when it's a self you want to be.

@BestGirlGrace those corny after-school specials could have no idea how difficult that was for me at the time, or really my whole life up to now.

it would show people things they're in denial about.

@KitRedgrave Oh, absolutely. I couldn't be myself until I left home and became a girl, and even now, it's an ongoing process to figure out who the hell I am.

But when it works, it rules.

@KitRedgrave @BestGirlGrace okay, it definitely is. I wonder how it got so many members
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