okay, we're going to be very clear about what we're doing, so we avoid this particular category of problem.

what we're doing is this half-intentional reinterpretation of everything in our life, and finding the stories/scripts/spells that make it all line up and lead us to the affect we need for it. and also to really learn some lessons about ourselves and the world.

very little i say is exactly what it seems. none of it is canon. or, well, not your canon. unless you want it to be.

and, well, this is something i would like to see others do, it feels meaningful and powerful and something to share, but i have to realize that this is not everyone's path.

and i see myself having this tendency to be a little pushy, a little egg-breaky about it, and i'm counter-weighting it.

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but... hahahaha. wow. this is how you really get into trouble, huh?

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@KitRedgrave Yea, yea that's basically what we're doing.

So much is couched in metaphor, but metaphor holds power if used right and done mindfully. :3

@KitRedgrave I always liked that while you can't rewrite the object-level events of the past, their significance is all yours to recreate from moment to moment :)

(I had something of this realization the moment I realized how weird it was that I kept believing myself unusually lucky even after having many very unlikely AND very unfortunate things happen to me, and realized I was subconsciously keying in on /getting past them/ in unlikely ways.)
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