i quit being human some time ago, now i'm something more and something less. by my own choice and my own hand, even.

long philosophical blahhh 

@KitRedgrave Physical humanity is a circumstance, like the rain falling from the clouds, the eruptions of lava on the surface of the earth.

As ideas, human minds share some key similarities, but that isn't human the same way as a physical circumstance is.

Peel pack the skin and all 'acting human' means to most is some set of norms, some form of recognition, a pattern we see in each other. Has nothing to do with our bodies, but what is produced by them or the forces living in them. Like me, the force propelling these words to ya.

You might even see me as a human behind a computer right now in your minds eye, but all 'I' am is a text pattern in a machine that you are reading. I'm no more human than a book or a mathematical equation, and my human body is simply the home of the construct you are observing, as well as its main mode of function or expression.

It's only important to my existence due to it being uniquely tied to me in a way I have not yet replicated or tied to some other thing, like a computer. That's all there is to the tie between my physical body and myself as a function. Just a circumstance.

tldr i aint no meatball yo

thoughts? I hope it's not too long-winded. :lbluedragnblush:
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