realizing i really, really fucking love mirrors and mood lights and want to incorporate those into my own room and style where possible

lewd ref 

if my room doesn't look like a 70s psychedelic fuckpit, it isn't finished yet

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lewd ref, feel free to ignore, what is a flirt but way moer blunt? 

@KitRedgrave I would like to enjoy your psychedelic fuckpit.

Also I liked that you specified 70s, to differentiate it from all those 80s and 90s psychedelic fuckipits

re: lewd ref, feel free to ignore, what is a flirt but way moer blunt? 

@storm do they exist??

cuz 90s fuckpit is more my speed if it's a distinct thing

re: lewd ref 

@KitRedgrave I'm trying to imagine that now.

I'm thinking day glow colours, transparent plastics, blacklights, that paper cup design, LASERS, plasma balls, green matrix text....

re: lewd ref 

@KitRedgrave 00s fuckbits just have Winamp and Windows Media Player visualizations on every wall

re: lewd ref 

@storm i mean, i love this idea! one of my roommates already has their room decked out with blacklights and laser displays and i so want that too

re: lewd ref 

@KitRedgrave You and @starkatt with the blacklights. I really need to find a health physicist to find out how many hours of those is safe for your eyes.

re: lewd ref 

@storm @KitRedgrave @starkatt solution: safe sex practices now include sensuously taping a pair of UV filter goggles to your partner's face before you let them into the fuckpit

re: lewd ref 

@vyr @storm @starkatt tbh i will likely just only have them on every once in a while or only use purple smart bulbs which can't actually uv light

re: lewd ref 

@KitRedgrave Nice. I don't get the purple aesthetic myself, but hey, if you enjoy it go for it.

(I'm trying to figure out what I'd want in my own room if i was doing the lighting, but I can't think of anything? I generally like seeing what colours my partners body and hair and eyes are....

but possibly like a sunset glow kinda thing?)

re: lewd ref 

@storm that's the beauty of smart bulbs. they can take on any color in a range!

re: lewd ref 

@KitRedgrave @flyingfox Can tell you trusting me with decorating is generally a bad idea though.

@KitRedgrave @flyingfox

Things I am banned from having in the house:
-Skulls, human or otherwise

Things we are still negotiating on:
-How many of our decorations are allowed to be radioactive.

@KitRedgrave @flyingfox Given my odds of home ownership on a chemists salary, that is something I am unlikely to get.

re: lewd ref 

@vyr @KitRedgrave @starkatt I mean, my glasses actually filter out a fair bit of UV (I should measure that sometime), but yeah, cataracts from UV are a thing, but I don't know how much those LED lights put out vs just going out into the sun, and I get the feeling that my lab wouldn't like me borrowing our rather expensive portable UV-vis spectrometer to test out the safety of my friends bedrooms....

re: lewd ref 

@vyr @KitRedgrave @starkatt I mean, if it was in my home city...or country.... I might borrow it over night, but people would notice it missing for a few days......

re: lewd ref 

@storm @KitRedgrave @starkatt if you come back with material for a paper, all will be forgiven

re: lewd ref 

@vyr @storm @starkatt i can't help but wonder if somebody already did this and wrote a paper that's rotting in the stacks now

re: lewd ref 

@KitRedgrave @vyr @starkatt Probably not a paper, but if I knew the math I could convert the spec sheets and lights to Gy and use that, but ah, chemist, not health physicist.

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