feeling a little overwhelmed by how techie the queer tech nerds are in the bay area

i used to be like that...

it's like, i get it, this stuff is fascinating, but surely you can't still be this into it all???

maybe i am just burnt out and jaded

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yeah, okay. i'm already over the hill. may as well coast and do something different

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@KitRedgrave Is this a "Kit would like a hug" realization?

@KitRedgrave *hughug* There is a chance I'll be in Seattle the weekend after next btw, if you are around (not confirmed yet)

@KitRedgrave how old are the people you're talking about compared to you?


@KitRedgrave every time i interact with technology i'm annoyed by how broken it is and i can't imagine being "into it" anymore

re: #computeing 

@KitRedgrave "broken" being both broken and purposefully made shit

@KitRedgrave i definitely know some super techies. but people who are not stimulated by it do exist...

@Triplefox i used to be like that and don't know what to do with myself now that i am not quite like that anymore

@KitRedgrave It's OK to not be super into it. I'm more into old technology myself.

@KitRedgrave klxcjlkjfdas Aren't you like, my age? There is NO way you are over the hill yet! alsdkfjadlkjdfslkj;

*glares at you while offering digital hugs*

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