no, you fuckers, i am not downloading your app just because i am looking on my phone. i have a whole-ass web browser

i am especially not downloading it when i click on a web link and get forwarded to the play store. how fucking presumptuous. fuck you imo

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@KitRedgrave especially since the "app" is probably just the webpage in a box, but with 300 more invasive trackers

@KitsuneAlicia @ellies @KitRedgrave The web would be much better if websites which don't absolutely need CSS/JS would be written in plain HTML

@ellies @KitRedgrave @KitsuneAlicia I think JS has merit for complex apps, like apps with the capabilities of native apps, but most webpages (like 99.99%) definitely don't need it.

Also it would be nice if mobile browsers wouldn't display pure-HTML pages in desktop style (ergo very tiny and requiring lots of zooming and horizontal scrolling). Pure HTML is perfectly suited to device-adapted display!

@ellies @LunaDragofelis @KitRedgrave JS can stay in our opinion, but they need to add three requirements:

1. They must ask for explicit permission to run each and every script -- including scripts that are run from other scripts.

2. They must include descriptions for the permission pop-up that explicitly describe each script's purpose.

@ellies @LunaDragofelis @KitRedgrave
3. These descriptions are to be legally considered the same as any advertisement or privacy policy, including the punishment for lying.

This is the only way JS should be allowed to stay in our opinion. Without opt-in and fully based on informed consent, including actual consequences for the site owner for failing to properly inform their viewers.


Now considering ass-web browsers like biologically realistic Spider-Man might use.


website: OK no app :blobsad: ... how about allowing notifications from me? Can I? Please? Pretty please?

@KitRedgrave @msh I am VERY happy Firefox is changing how its notification behaviour works :D


*sigh* OK

I'll ask you again about our app and our notifications next time you visit. Well, every time actually.

You know, just in case you change your mind.

@KitRedgrave @msh alright, alright.


Hey, you know what would be cool? You can share your location with us!? Just tap accept.

@KitRedgrave is there a ublock filter list which deals with these kinds of annoyances? because there should be.

@KitRedgrave wasn't the whole damn point of these bloated browsers we wouldn't need the apps?
Doesn't that speak to the absolute failure of both the people that made the websites and the browser that we still need the apps anyway?

@cantinto @KitRedgrave

The point was to have a simple, human readable markup language which was defined in SGML and therefore parsable.

The control of format was supposed to be on the user side. Also there would be both forward and backlinks, and audio and text annotation of all links. This was implemented in ncsa server and client. Just as in "As We May Think" and Xanadu.

The evil corporations have been trying to recreate push media, ie TV + big data, profiling, and universal surveillance.

@KitRedgrave are you sure you dont want the same content in a gross smaller window and with ads that are harder to remove?

@ben @KitRedgrave and when you try to access content that should almost certainly be inside the app, it opens a webview of the website, which then throws up a fullscreen modal telling you to install the app

@aj @ben @KitRedgrave Or at least it tries to, but it throws JS errors because the website doesn’t work in Firefox, so you’re sitting there staring at an infinite spinner

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