my goal in life is to be one of those characters that people closer to consensus reality would look at and just go "wow you do see some characters here!" but later feel like reevaluating their life choices


you too can be as gay and glorious as i am! anyone can be

@KitRedgrave I mean, I'm still trying to figure out how you quantify gay. o.O

My experiments on if I was bi or not had a binary pass condition! o.O

@Canageek @KitRedgrave the SI unit of gay is the foxgirl (Fg)

1 Fg is the amount of gay contained in one foxgirl in the transbian state

@rey @KitRedgrave So most people's gayness would be measured in mFg? (Millifoxgirls)? Straights would have nFg (nanofoxgirls)?

@Aradia @rey @KitRedgrave Wait, is gayness a size quantity? I thought it would be more of an energy?

Wait, is gayness a vector or a scalar quantity?

@rey @Canageek @KitRedgrave Catgirls is the imperial equivalent, but the measurements make no sense.

@rey So, since I'm not gay or straight or anything. Would my Fg be undetectable?

@Nikon the imaginary unit, also known as i ... electrical engineering uses j rather than i

@zetasyanthis @rey @Canageek @KitRedgrave Parity, I expect. The Fg is used partly for historic reasons, and partly for relative ease of measurement - foxgirls do a big screm and can thus be easily located, in contrast to catgirls.

made it lewd 

@KitRedgrave (Also as gay as you? Sure, but glorious? That's a high bar!)

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