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locking my account for now, out of caution. please be someone i've interacted with in the past and poke me if you want to follow for some reason

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also, hey.

just so y'all are clear: this isn't an alt. this is my new main. ^_^;

even if it looks functionally the same as my old one on

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obvious hot take, meta 

i love how super mario maker 2 has a wilheim scream sfx

Lonely? Horny? Looking to chat? You are having a lucky day. Call 1-815-8-GALOIS.


instead of "sir/madam", consider "traveller"

- gender neutral
- fun to say
- acknowledges the endless journey of the soul
- makes you feel like a medieval tavernkeep
- you absolutely can't risk misgendering a wandering swordmaster

US pol, *EVERYONE* in the US needs to know 

Don't call the cops on mentally ill/Neurodivergent people.

there's a certain trope in some popular sci-fi that really bugs the shit out of me

and that is when the humans create perfectly sentient android life, and then think it's totally okay to not give them full rights and use them for cheap labor

it doubly bugs the shit out of me when people write those tropes, subvert them, and then have nothing to say about how capitalism does the same thing to humans

warning - extreme existential dread levels detected

(96%) ■■■■■■■■■□

I'm skeptical that "human nature" exists as such, but if it does and we could theoretically discover its properties, we would still have huge methodological problems untangling "human nature" from external conditions.

but selfish, brutal, grasping competition for short-term gain with no regard to common good or the long-term future? that's literally a direct product of capitalism. zero-sum profit-hoarding from underpaying exploited workers is the fundamental M.O. of the bourgeois/capitalist/owning class.

the people whose wealth goes into printing educational materials have a vested interest in making their class-specific motives and behaviors disappear into the generality of "human nature." that's what 'false class consciousness' IS: the working class, duped into accepting the sins and values of their oppressors.

news story about ICE and community pushback (-/+) 

import Dingus from '../../src/dingus'
const FakeDingus: jest.Mocked<Dingus> = (Dingus as any)


Non-lewd genitalia mention: 

meta, fash 

ATTN WESTERN MASS PEOPLE: Just heard from verified sources that three black ICE SUVs with armed ICE agents have been spotted on Rt. 9 in Hadley heading toward Amherst. If you see them, film them and call the SiS hotline (if you don't have it already, DM me)

Transphobia, exploitation, "Adam" 

Politics for White People 

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

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