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#Creativity is a self-filling pitcher. No matter how often we pour our ideas onto the page, the blog, the fediverse, new ones or, at least, provoking variations fill the temporary void.

As a corollary, avoiding the step of pouring out the ideas can have the effect of merely bottling and capping the output, trapping the creative process itself.

Moral: Don't hold it in. Pour your ideas freely. Who cares if nobody else cares! And there's a chance someone will make something useful in the end!

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technology, reifying social constructs into the physical sphere since ... however long ago

the concept of humanity is just as fake as gender

oh fuck

atomic comics shut down in 2011

i used to love that place, growing up in phoenix

I've talked about this before, but let me do it again.

The US is more or less run by the entertainment industry.

Creating your own music, art, movies, books, videogames, podcasts, and stage plays within the US is an act that robs the established power structures of attention.

Making media is an act of radicalism, of protest, and of outright rebellion.

Support local music. Go to a community theater. get a bunch of weird nerds together in a basement and film a talkshow.

Fight back.

although the latter can start to look a little like the former, as the players get comfortable enough with the flow that they can go off-script a little bit and adapt to circumstances around them

it's an interesting pun we have in the english language, that 'play' can both mean unstructured exploration of the world and ideas around us, and yet also mean a highly structured and choreographed expression of those ideas

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