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locking my account for now, out of caution. please be someone i've interacted with in the past and poke me if you want to follow for some reason

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also, hey.

just so y'all are clear: this isn't an alt. this is my new main. ^_^;

even if it looks functionally the same as my old one on

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obvious hot take, meta 

Article on the people responsible for causing vaping illness 

Has anyone read The Invisibles by Grant Morrison about a group of anarchists who use all types of magic trying to take down an illuminati-esque group controlling reality? There's an indigenous aztec shaman who is genderqueer/trans and she is badass. For those who like comics, I highly rec

death, generations, HIV, drugs, poverty, healthcare... etc (small thread) 

for trans awareness week, GLAAD has made a great new resource called "a beginner's guide to being an ally to trans people". we've been sharing it at work, and I'm certain many of you have folks in your life who could benefit from it as well.

I wrote this story over a decade ago, and it's once again seasonally relevant. for those of us on the outside: Rudolph's Refusal.


are we at the point where ipv6 is usable by those who aren't huge computer dorks yet? is the Nightvale of the hacking world.

the more theory i read, the more i realize that the current way of doing natural language recognition is never going to really "get" what we mean or ever hope to be smarter than a really nice phone tree.

hot take

rsh is remote shell. ssh is secure shell, but it really should've been called srsh because it's also a remote shell.

re: conspiracy theory funpost 

conspiracy theory funpost 

Anyone in the Seattle area? I’ll be at Elliot bay book store tonight 12 Nov at 7 pm talking about my book!


i can't really overexpress how much my bullshit this is

yeah i really wanna play this modpack :3

it pretty much is what i was hoping minechem and ee2 together would be

Are you just making polls to get one to 69%

Americans can't switch from pounds to kilograms overnight. That would cause mass confusion.

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