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locking my account for now, out of caution. please be someone i've interacted with in the past and poke me if you want to follow for some reason

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also, hey.

just so y'all are clear: this isn't an alt. this is my new main. ^_^;

even if it looks functionally the same as my old one on

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obvious hot take, meta 

some complex thoughts about cancelling 

could i make wild hypotheticals and mind-bending puzzles a superpower

could i finally assemble a villainsona?

the avatar of avant garde going to mars

i wonder what is the most abstruse take i could have, that someone would respond to

baudrillard applies to a depressing number of things in our world

hot take? 

What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us 


oh hey a poll! which do you choose?


i tried to clean my desk, spilled a bit of something on my keyboard, and now the fucker is dead.

serves me right for ever trying to clean anything around here ...

The same day 49,000 members of the United Auto Workers union went on strike from working at GM

80,000 members of a coalition of unions of healthcare employees are planning a 7-day strike against Kaiser Permanente

I promise I didn't join the IWW to be trendy, but I can't say it isn't trendy.

more fun than other mmos i could be playing.

pretty much, how do i (someone who doesn't usually go for multiplayer games) get myself to tolerate an mmo for friends sake


would i have more fun playing ffxiv? i could spend most of my time crafting and probably roll a white mage for the combat things i'd have to do.

clicking on monsters is boring to me. clicking players a little less so?

FLOSS Union 

actually the new hooks api for react is pretty nice

“It is to writing what calculators are to calculus.”

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