It has been hard for me to get through this and there are still days where I wake up wanting to cry like today. Make a family of your own and don't include people who have poor boundaries.

My parents failed me.

Don't go out of your way to appease family if they won't accept you. This is on them, not on you. If they're hurting you, they're being abusive regardless of what they think they're intending to do.

They're typical Tory-voting boomers who attend Catholic mass every week. Of course, this is the excuse I'll make for them because I know other Catholics who've accepted their trans kids regardless of age. Mine are just special and have opted to just pretend I don't exist.

My father sent me a long-winded, hypocritical e-mail where he denied my being trans and outlined how awful of a person I am due to its timing. My mother did an about-face and went from saying I was "still her kid" to claiming I have a mental illness.

With the holidays fast approaching, I know that some of you have to face your families in spite of your queerness. They're going to deny your sexuality and your gender and it will suck.

It has been 484 days since I saw my parents; December 26 will be 500.

Hello world!
We're 0xCC! An infosec training conference for women by women in Australia.

Interested? We made a site for you!

RTs appreciated!!!

You know, I find it weird that the "premium ale" variety is the exact same price as the regular lager.

I always forget that the drivers in Seattle are nice and courteous because the only pricks who tailgate me here have BC plates.

I tried on @meepmareep@twitter.comโ€™s glasses so jumped in โค๏ธ

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to avoid the gag reflex from spiro?

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