Please tell me this is parody.
Come on, Twitter, grow up. May is childless and an orphan, and has the whole country ridiculing her as a failure or actively spewing bile at her. She's now going to be an extremely lonely person in horrid conditions. Have a heart.

I want to believe that this is fake but I have met men who don't get it so...
AITA for flirting with 19 year old girls and defending myself when being called a predator.

I am uninstalling from my phone because they donโ€™t understand that I do not need promotions thrown at me when Iโ€™ve already told the app to not do this.

I should say that there is 85% certainty based on a whole bunch of things from documentation and my really, really old grand aunt who informed me of being related to Lord Byron.

I just like the idea of being related to Ada so I'll throw it out there. ๐Ÿ˜

I'm related to Ada Lovelace.
Whatโ€™s a cool bit of family history you know? Can be family of origin of family of choosing.

๐Ÿšจ DONT TEST EXPLOITS ON PRODUCTION NETWORKS ๐ŸšจInstead, test them on your laptop that you connect to prod, dev, staging, and home networks.

Tories are selfish and I don't give a fuck if Theresa May or any politician cries about them losing their jobs.

If you're following me and vote Tory either in the UK or Canada, why the hell do you do so when you know they'll do the wrong thing?

I'll answer for you: it's because you're selfish and you accept that others will suffer at your benefit.

This man from The Guardian understands why she was a shit human being and gave the right response about "the human side".

Where was "the human side" when Jo Cox was shot by a UKIP'r?

Holy hell did he snap

The only thing she should have done is call a general election but she wouldn't do that because she's party first and nothing more. Her tears were because she couldn't do the job she promised to do.

Unlike those in Grenfell who still have to fight to get what is just, she'll retire to bed without much discomfort with perhaps will sleep better because she's now no longer has to do the job she was poorly suited for.

Tories are awful so whoever replaces her will be shit too.

Politicians are allowed to express emotion but when they're doing so because they're unable to keep their jobs because they're shit human beings, I honestly cannot be bothered to give two shits about them.

Many more are going to die because of her legacy.

She shed zero tears for the Grenfell victims who died and she did absolutely fuck all to house those who were displaced despite there being empty flats no more than a few kilometres away.

Watch as this man whines about how he's getting ratio'd because he has garbage opinions about a woman who expressed emotion because she lost her job as being the most powerful person in the UK government.

I am sure that this man gave a damn about those who died and suffered due to the malpractice endured at Grenfell.
This is such a haunting photo. Whatever you think about Theresa May's record as prime minister, it's impossible not to feel sorry for her as a person.

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