I don't think "centrism" can get any worse right now.

re: Twitter pics, politics, homophobia, racial slurs, fishhook theory 

So fucking much

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Twitter pics, politics, homophobia, racial slurs, fishhook theory 

Why are people like this?

Mental health (-) 

I think some of my experiences as an EMT has given me PTSD.

AC Odyssey DLC spoiler 

This asshole has invisibility powers and he thinks Kassandra is the preternatural one

I think the reason VR works so well with racing game is that the headset kind of gives you the feeling of wearing a helmet.

Cannabis, alcohol 

Driving drunk or high in real life is a horrible thing to do.

Driving drunk or high in video games is a hilarious thing to do.

AC Odyssey major spoilers 

I hope Kassandra appears in Valhalla.


Me: What the hell am I doing I shouldn't be driving while high!

Me 5 seconds later: Oh wait this is American Truck Simulator

VR and weed is fun.

US politics 

@JoeyWah I mean, it's a mild inconvenience that helps other people more than it helps yourself, so I can see why he'd use the term.

US politics 

Trump just called wearing a mask "politically correct"

Why are Republicans like this?

Harry Potter sucks 

Harry Potter would have been so much better if Voldemort had won, only for him and his death eaters to get absolutely obliterated by the muggle military. Then human scientists study magic, reverse engineer it to be more powerful with technology and use it to track down any surviving wizards where they'd end up in the Hague for creating a global apartheid state where knowledge that could save countless lives is kept secret by an aristocratic elite.

Twitter link, politics 

A bombing kills 3 people?

Americans: We need a Muslim ban!

Cars kill tens of thousands of people a year?

Americans: twitter.com/facebookvillain/st

Unlike most pandas, I'm not too fond of the cold. 🥶

But I do love mountains! So I guess that balances it out.

Why it sucks to play the healer. FFXIV, Overwatch 

I remember when my friends and I beat a team in Overwatch composed of four Widowmakers. One of their Widows of course blamed their Lucio for their defeat.

Then another time in FFXIV my friend and I were doing a low level dungeon daily, he was the tank and I was the healer. The dps tried to report me for casting offensive spells on enemies instead of overhealing the tank.

The best part is because of our classes and gear, it would have been impossible for him to die in that dungeon.

video games discussion 

In regards to if it's okay for some video games to have "bad" gameplay.

I think a lot of stealth games are better for having "clunky" shooting mechanics since that encourages being sneaky.

Longish post about Hitman 2 

I dropped a coin behind a guard in Hitman to try and get him to turn around. He threatened to fine me for littering and then stole the coin... ;-;
The newer games are such an improvement on Absolution. The disguise system makes sense and isn't random chance and instead of murdering you on sight guards will attempt to either arrest you or escort you off the property depending on what you were caught doing.


When Master Lock calls a lock "pick resistant"

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