What if Courage the Cowardly dog took place in the SCP Foundation universe? His computer could be SCP-079.

Not only am I excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'm super excited to spend the winter bikepacking in the desert southwest.

Holy shit I just found out that the math editor in word and Wolfram Alpha have the same formatting so I can just copy and paste back and forth. This is going to make things soooooooo much easier.

Mental health (+) 

Can someone explain to me why humans will nearly kill people to save seconds driving, only to spend minutes having a temper tantrum when the person they nearly killed flipped them off?

I think I'm gonna have to decide between going to MFF and doing the Arizona Fool's Loop =(

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Pewdiepie's bullshit 

Politics, White Supremacists 

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Stranger Things S3 finale spoilers, predictions 

US politics 

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Drugs: cannabis 

re: Politics, pessimistic predictions 

Politics, pessimistic predictions 

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Mental health (-), suicide 

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