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Heya yall! I've decided to move my account to a new handle name because I have been feeling that EGKangaroo does not really fit me that much anymore.

The reason for this is probably clear to some of yall who have been following me for a while, but as I have been discovering my deer-kin identity I felt like I wanted to make sure that that was included in my name.

Anyway, I'm Joey, I'm non-binary, autistic, a furry, I really like to talk about how gay I am for my friends. :3

I have several special interests including but not limited to kangaroos, deer, linguistics, rubber, and lots more

You can expect topics like rubber, vore, and TF to be pretty common here. I CW stuff when it gets too kinky, but overall, most things I talk about on this account are tame, but there probably will be a mention of some sexy things once in a while so beware of horny on main.

I've not been active on mastodon at all lately. Been posting a whole bunch on Twitter more.

Just wanted to say here too though: Black Lives Matter

Not gonna lie I envy otters a lot for their playful nature. There's something pure and good about seeing an animal literally have so much fun and curiosity with everything they see.

World Otter Day, Transformation 

Happy world otter day!
W-What's happening to my snout though- aaaa *squeak*

Art by Binturongboy~

I love deer and kangaroos so much and I am so glad that I kin both because they complete my identity and make me whole~

transformation, rubber 

You too can help.

Sign the TF forms right here and we'll get you hooked up with some rubber nanites that turn you into a cute rubber roo drone

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Decentralise kangaroos

We need more people to become kangaroos

re: gender, kin, neurodivergence, all at once 

Buckgender combines every part of my identity and puts it in a greater whole. Bigger than the sum of its parts. I'm a deer, I'm a kangaroo, I'm non-binary. My gender is being a buck!

And I'm really happy with that term!

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re: gender, kin, neurodivergence, all at once 

In the past I tried terms like demiboy to put a word to my experience, but it's not quite right.

I discovered being therian, I realised how much my autism affects my understanding of gender, as well as my general feeling of being non-human.

The thing about being autistic is, social stuff doesn't come as naturally to us as it does for allistic people. We analyse social constructs with our own templates. We find ways to look at the world through our own autistic perspective.

It's honestly why I never felt human.

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gender, kin, neurodivergence, all at once 

So I think I really like the term buckgender to describe my personal experience with gender. It affirms my non-binaryness, my kinness, and my neurodivergence all at once.

To me, my gender is defined as an experience of a non-binary light masculinity. But a kind of gender that feels like it's defined from a wholly non-human perspective. Analogous to maleness but not male.

kin-post roo-post 

I wanna be a feral kangaroo.
I want to have wide hips, a big pear-shaped balanced torso, with a thick tail that's 3 to 4 feet long.
I wanna be able to hop and bounce and twitch my ears and enjoy the freedom of the wide open plains and woods and hills.
I wish I could feel my phantom limbs more vividly again so I can stroke over them and feel them twitch to the light touch.

Birdsite shenanigans 

This also means that if I post something that is a lie (like, say, a doctored screenshot of something) I can turn off replies and there is no comment record of anyone disputing it. Quote tweets are harder to find and less of the user base knows how to check them. It's going to be a complete holiday for propaganda

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Google: how to gently let down a friend who @'s you in something you really don't like.

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